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5 Misconceptions About Wedding Planning

Posted March 30, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Are you currently in the center of wedding planning and discover yourself confronted by all kinds of “rules” and traditions that go along with weddings? Rather than giving in to what other people demand is “right” for your wedding, make certain you understand what you can do these days, and what you can’t do if you’d like to avoid social criticism. These wedding guidelines and wedding suggestions should really help you do just that.

Myth #1: Weddings Must be Elegant And Romantic

While the elegant wedding remains to be the most popular, many brides nowadays opt for a theme wedding instead. This is often anything from a fairy tale wedding to a beach themed wedding to a Star Wars themed wedding. A wedding is a time to celebrate the couple and what they love, so if the conventional wedding style isn’t you, then go for something that is more you.

Myth #2 Wedding Invitations Have to be Plain And Simple

The days of simple, letter pressed invitations on white or ivory are gone. Rather, select something with plenty of color and graphics. You can even go more and do a non-traditional type of invitation, like a scroll, a magnet, or even just an e-invitation for a more casual wedding. This also holds true for other stationery items, such as the wedding announcement or save the dates.

Myth #3: You should Buy Numerous Wedding Planning Books

In the age of the internet, maybe it seems clear that you don’t need all of the books, planners, and magazines that they will try to sell you. As an alternative, there are plenty of wedding planning websites that offer all of that information and more. Something really handy is the websites that give you the capability to build your own wedding website – they frequently offer wedding templates and other wedding tools so any information pertaining to your wedding can be simply accessed by guests.

Myth #4: Your Registry Will Need to Consist of Household Products Like Toaster, Blenders, And Vases

If you’re a couple who will be starting brand new and needs all of these items, then ask away. Nevertheless, a lot of couples that will get married already are pretty settled, and have all of the typical household items. There are registries for nearly anything now, so you can ask for what it is that you want. A popular choice is to do a honeymoon registry, and ask guests to bring about activities and items to use on your honeymoon. You can post information pertaining to your registry on your wedding website, however one rule still is true: no registry information is going on the wedding invitation. It tends to make it seem like you’re just asking for presents.

Myth #5: The Parents of the Bride Pay for The Wedding

Right now this is not always true, with respect to the family situation. Often the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom will chip in and pay for it jointly. Sometimes the couple will contribute as well, or even pay for the whole thing themselves. This is frequently true for couples who will be older and have established careers. It is appropriate for anyone to pay for the wedding.

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