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Addressing Why Some Enclosures Are Essential Alongside Your Wedding Invitations

Posted January 20, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Following the sending out of your ‘save the date’ cards you should then be in the position to invite guests formally to your wedding. This is done through the posting of your wedding invitations, which you will likely have put much thought into choosing. Traditionally, these are sent out three months prior to the date of the wedding; however, brides have recently started to send them anything up-to five months before the wedding date. The enclosures that are sent alongside your wedding invitations are just as important. Here’s a guide to what you may want to include with your invitations.

Providing Directions

An ever-present enclosure with wedding invitations is direction cards, which details how the guests can find the wedding location, as well as giving them an idea as to where they can park their car. You may even be faced with the task of designing two direction cards if your wedding is to be held in two locations. You may even decide to tailor direction cards to each individual guest. For example, those travelling long distances will need more details than those who only have a short distance to travel.

Response Cards

Arguably the most important part of the wedding invitation (pragmatically speaking anyway) is the response cards. Once the couple received response cards form their prospective guests they then have an idea of how many people will be attending. As a result they are then able to begin planning other details of the wedding, from the catering plan to the seating arrangements. Whilst invited guests will usually go to extreme lengths to attend, there is a good chance that not everyone invited will be able to attend.


Our final item to include is a food menu so that guests can indicate their choices for the wedding meal. This information is once again helpful to let the caterers know what quantities of food they will require.

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