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Best Wedding Flowers In Christchurch

Posted February 4, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Summer time is in full swing in Christchurch and everyone is heading outdoors for all sorts of seasonal actions like food and wine events, music festivals and taking nice strolls in the park. It’s also a good time to see beautiful wedding flowers in Christchurch of couples who’ll tie the knot this season.

Beaches such as South Brighton are eexclusively preferred this time of year. In fact, many couples such as Paul and Roimata, choose to exchange vows at this lovely location.

Paul, a young engineer from Canterbury was introduced to Roimata back in college. It didn’t take long for the chemistry among them to develop and pretty soon, they started dating. Four many years later, Paul decided that it was time to pop the big question.

After a whirlwind of preparations spanning only six weeks, the couple were both energized to get married at an unconventional location. With the help of their family and buddies, they planned the best beach wedding down to the last detail, including the wedding flowers in Christchurch.

Welcoming the company were a group of skilled fire dancers who used a series of flaming batons that energized everyone. Even the couple was impressed by how the fire performers pulled off a flawless dance routine set to exhilarating music. It was a wonderful way to kick off the rest of the evening.

The sunset by the sea provided the ideally suited ambiance for the heart warming ceremony. Complementing this backdrop was a lovely arrangement of wedding flowers in Christchurch lined up along the aisle. Fresh blooms of gerberas, roses, and orchids were strategically positioned to create a stunning establishing for this once in a lifetime occasion.

While the bride turned heads with her elegant dress, the bridesmaids were equally spectacular with their bestly coordinated outfits that were set off by posies composed of a single beige rose, cream roses and velvet ribbon. meanwhile, the flower girls lit up with charming freesia wrist bands.

All of this made for a visual treat and further accentuated the beautiful ceremony.

At the wedding reception, the florist went the extra mile by establishing up the dining tables with enchanting wedding flowers in Christchurch that made the affair even more exclusive. The centerpiece was a clever combination of gerberas and beargrass which were precisely arranged in a simple vase.

The card placements, guest favors and candles also added to the joyous feel of Paul and Roimata’s exclusive day. It was specifically customized to game the general motif.

For the music, the couple chose a string quartet to add elegance to the evening. Everyone savored the sumptuous Mediterranean buffet composed of fried squash, grilled rooster Makloube, Lebanese salad, and baked fish.

The single ladies had loads of fun making an attempt to catch the spectacular bouquet made of purely red roses. The vibrant colors really stood out which made it hard to miss as it was tossed into the air.

All in all, the wedding went without a hitch. All the components such as the entertainers and wedding flowers in Christchurch, came together bestly and made the event memorable for everyone who attended.

Christchurch Florists offer the top Wedding Flowers cash can get. If you’re having a wedding in the future, you need to get some good flowers.

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