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Budgeting Your Honeymoon Vacation – The Best Ways To Reduce Costs Without Having To Sacrifice Quality

Posted January 7, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Although it may seem that your family budget already took a strong whipping with all the wedding associated costs, but with some meticulous planning you can totally unwind without spending huge sums.

Once the formal part is over, the only thing that is laying ahead is the honeymoon. It is very desirable to make it unforgettable and interesting. This is where the matter of the expense arises. If you want to reduce your cost without diminishing quality, then arrangements for your honeymoon trip should start well ahead of time.

1. Selecting a tour operator

Having selected the vacation destination, promptly go to a travel agent. The specialists can help you locate the best deal from the category of special offers which will get you in a luxury hotel for about half the cost. In case you are knowledgeable about the chosen country and the specific accommodation, you can try to book a room and flight tickets on your own. However, this is not often the best alternative.

2. Save on flight tickets

Costs can be lowered considerably if you buy non refundable flight tickets. Incidentally, a lot of companies offer package deals for honeymooners. Do not hesitate to question your friends, perhaps they’ve got a personal discount which you can use. Also, the ticket pricing is determined by the day of the week and date, so you can find less expensive possibilities here as well.

3. Receive a honeymoon trip as a gift

Prior to the wedding, make a list of presents you would like to receive and familiarize all your guests with it. If you don’t need cooking utensils, bed linens and appliances, ask them to make a contribution toward your getaway. By the way, a lot of travel companies sell gift vouchers for just these occasions.

4. Pick the desired destination

As you know, the costs in different locations vary based on the time of year. Of course, nobody is indicating you go on a honeymoon in the off-season, but by going in the transition time period, you will not only save money but also avoid the throngs of tourists yet still benefit from the favorable weather.

5. Looking for accommodations

Amount of stars isn’t necessarily an effective indicator of superior quality. Speak with your friends – although many 4 star resorts are less expensive, their quality is not that much dissimilar from their 5 star counterparts. And when you choose one of the all inclusive honeymoon packages, you’ll be able to reduce your costs considerably. But learn in advance, which services specifically are contained in the deal and what you’ll be required to pay for separately.

Many hotels offer discounts and special offers for honeymooners. Learn about them and pay attention to as many specifics as possible. Yet, if a bottle of bubbly in the room and rose flower petals on the bed raise the price of your stay, then you’d be better off steering clear of this choice, as a romantic evening can easily be set up on your own. But when you register, don’t be afraid to mention that you are newlyweds – sometimes you can get a free upgrade, if it’s available.
By the way, if you’re going to spend most of your honeymoon participating in different activities, like swimming in the ocean, or walking around the location, and just need your room to sleep, it makes sense to pick a more modest accommodations, as it will considerably reduce your expenses.

7. Traveling in metropolitan areas?

Of course, you could rent a car to discover all the local points of interest. But if you’re going to get acquainted with a large metropolis, why not utilize the public transport – not only it is economical, but also a reasonable option.

8. Food

While you’re on getaway, we all love a delicious and elegant meal. However it would seem impossible to save on food. Fortunately, there are a few small tricks. Thus, bear in mind that the costs in restaurants outside of your hotel are generally lower. To explore more about this, speak to your travel representative, friends, check the Internet, as well as speak with the locals. Somebody will surely recommend you a couple of cozy, inexpensive establishments that offer incredible meals.

And don’t forget, during your honeymoon the most important thing is that you are together, just the two of you, and you can spend an enjoyable time together.
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