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Can Holders For Hens Night Custom Made By The A Team

Posted June 12, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Best Wedding Stubby Ever!
Have you thought about having stubbys at your wedding and stopped to think that it may look a little bit tackey.

Well when I was getting married my mates were all sitting around the dining room table kicking around a few wedding ideas, when my step father suggested that we should give all the guests a wedding stubby.

Without even thinking about it I said “yes“ but that was just to tease him more than anything else and like most of the girls I thought it was a little tacky.

However with some apprehension I went ahead with the Wedding Stubby idea and to my delight It was so successful due to some simple factors I wish to share with you.

Beer is either served from a container filled with ice or a cold fridge, so to place the beer or can straight into a stubbie holder has some amazing advantages. It keeps the stubby cooler and at the same time the holders hands stay dry and warm.

Place the wedding stubbies in a barrel right next to the ice or fridge , that way your friends get there drink and stubbie holder at the same time and if any are left over you can give them out at lunch on Sunday morning to anyone who did not grab one the night before.

Personally I know I get a lot of use from my stubby holder, better than any other wedding favours I’ve received.

The best and most important advice I can share with you is to get a custom designed wedding stubby, not just a picture stuck in a square box with some text.

Stubby holders are a great gift, something that will get used over and over again.So having the coolest looking stubby takes the “T” out of Tacky and puts the “C” back in Cool.

I urge you to check out the most sort after wedding stubby holder if you want the coolest wedding stubby designs that will make your stubby a collectible item.

For those regs from the USA a stubby holder is what we use in the warmer parts of Australia to keep our beer cold and we are as passionate about our can cooler as we are about our beer.

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