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Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes

Posted October 28, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Putting on wedding shoes that correctly fit your feet is the answer to have a memorable walk on the aisle. Here are a few guidelines on how to fit shoes properly.

1. As years pass by, the size of your feet increases too. Thus, it is essential to have your feet measured accurately before acquiring any footwear. It is a good idea to have your feet measured regularly, around once every year.

2. A good rule of the thumb is to measure your feet at the end of the day. By this time, your feet have expanded to its maximum size. Also note that most humans have one foot slightly larger than the other. Therefore, use the bigger number when determining your shoe size.

3. Do not choose shoes through the size that is marked on its box or inside its sole. Put on the shoes to determine how it fits your foot.

4. When fitting closed-toe wedding shoes, there should be around half to a quarter of an inch between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe when you stand up.

5. The ball of your foot must fit comfortably and easily into the shoe’s widest part.

6. Your heel must fit the shoe with a minimum amount of slipping. Try walking around while wearing them; your shoes should not move up and down your heel as you walk.

7. Unless you are buying rock climbing shoes, avoid buying footwear that feels too tight. Overly tight shoes can cause blisters and , worse, can even cause long-term foot injury.

8. After putting the shoes on, walk around the store to ensure they feel right and comfortable. Walk up and down the stairs or shift your stance to ensure that the fit is a good one.

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