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Choosing Your Most Suitable Reception Destination

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Probably one of the most, Nerve-wracking tasks during the wedding preparation is choosing a venue, yes there are a lot of wedding venues out there to choose from but which one is the best? What aspects are involved in selecting a venue for your wedding? Many factors are to be considered like the location, accessibility, the capacity it has, and the cost. There are a lot of wedding venue options out there all you should do is be really cautious when choosing, you need to think if you and your future wife will love to exchange “I do’s there, try to visualize it first and everything will fall into place. The church is still one of the most common and most popular wedding venues today. A church is a very sacred ground and there are rules and regulations that needs to be followed if you want to get married in a church, you can only do the ceremony inside the church and the reception needs to be done in a different place so that would be another preparation. If you really want to hold the ceremony in a church be sure that your bride and your guests won’t mind traveling to a different location to go to the reception – if the venue for the location is too far from the church that would be too much hassle and may cause discomfort on your bride and the guests.

Another factor to consider is the capacity of the venue and the number of people attending the event, many people tend to overlook this part and end up with a last minute change of venue – yes this is true and has happened in some cases, not unless you want to let your guests come inside a venue where they would all look like a sardine inside a can. Before you go to the venue be sure to check your guest list first and confirm who’s coming and who’s not in case you are asked how many people are coming to the wedding, this will save you up some time from going back and forth to each and every venue you have scouted. You’ll have to know how many people are attending to figure out the dimension of the bridal wishing well.

There are lots of wedding venues to choose from. Some go for historic wedding that are held in castles or stately houses . This isn’t a common experience. Castle and state home weddings are rarely cheap but your guests will surely love the view and incredible ambiance. Also check rules and regulation of the venue if there are restrictions like: no confetti or candles.

Some couples want to get married in a hotel, there are hotel resorts all around the world so feel free to choose one that you really think fits your wedding theme. Hotel weddings also has a lot of perks like 5 star accommodations, spacious function rooms and gourmet food, now who wouldn’t want that right? Look for a decent position for the wishing well rental. Some also prefer outdoor like garden or other outdoor spaces.

Having a beach wedding, for some people, is a really unique experience it gives a certain feeling of being one with the sea, the feel of the sand beneath your toes while saying I do is really an unforgettable experience. When you have finally set the date and already have a list of possible venues in mind it’s already time to compare the prices. Are you getting the venue for a very reasonable price or is it way too high? Is the service worth it? Is there staff that can help and have experience in weddings.

Weddings are not complete without a wedding singer or a live band so be sure to check the audio setup of the venue you have chosen. Live bands and wedding singers need a good audio system setup in the venue (in some instances they can even bring their own). Yes, the sound system is of utmost importance particularly to the parents of the couple and the guests, a good sound system will eliminate the problem of not being heard across the room. Having a good sound system will also eliminate the need for guests to make their voices louder when sharing their thoughts about the couple.

And more importantly a wedding needs a good photographer to capture all those special moments during the wedding. It’s a good idea to scout for the best wedding photographer out there so be sure to check their portfolio to see if they have an experience covering weddings. Packages for weddings will also include videos, so this is another aspect to consider. You don’t want blurry photos or shaky videos right so be sure to hire a photographer who knows what he is doing. There are many different decisions to make when shooting a wedding, and only a seasoned photographer can deliver the best results.

Wherever the place may be, the important thing is that the couple liked it, the guests enjoyed the service and they were there to witness the love between the couple. It’s not the venue of the wedding that is significant, it is the memories that were shared during the event. Case: kcosww01

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