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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Giving Jewellery in Valentine’s Day

Posted February 15, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

A frequent mistake is to always want to buy something with a heart shape. I’m aware that the hearts exemplify the global mark for Valentines, but it’s very likely that your partner would already have too much heart-shaped jewellery. Instead, consider other shapes & forms such as circular, infinity symbols.

You should learn that all the symbols & forms bear a special significance, so choosing something that relates to your personal relationship & making it unique, is of great significance.

Another recurring mistake people make is not taking into account your partner’s good taste. See, if your partner works outside most of the time, or is involved with sports, she’s not likely to carry around a giant ring all the time with her. The large rings are normally designed for the night & elegant events, or for someone who works behind a desk.

If you want your partner to wear this unique piece of jewelry most of time, you should consider her daily activities before actually purchasing it. This allows you to avoid having to return the jewel.

Another common mistake that you should avoid is buying jewellery you see on TV all the time. This is perhaps the most common mistake that’s usually done. If you expect to buy & see a certain set of jewellery for Valentine’s Day at all stores, it is best to disregard that jewellery. Many people don’t like wearing the same jewels as they want to feel unique, so wearing a ring that you see all over the place can be a fatal mistake. Also, take time to find something unique & special to share some kind of deeper meaning between the 2 of you. The gift will be much more important in the long run.

Tips for giving Jewellery and Rings in Valentine’s Day
Regardless of your celebration, a basic advice is to always, always buy with time. Rushing to the first jewellery store the day before won’t make her feel special & your pocket won’t appreciate it either. It is much better to have your gift ready well in advance, & surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day with something special.

With respect to jewelry, you must understand that today you can find jewellery & rings much cheaper. The price of the jewellery has decreased due to the power of the Internet. I recommend you take a look at my site (see below) that might be of interest. Jewelry & rings are items of great value to the gift’s recipient & if you decide to buy your jewellery online, it will not cost a fortune.

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