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Considering The Significance Of Picking The Correct Font For Wedding Stationery

Posted September 27, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Your wedding stationery should primarily focus on providing guests with important information regarding the big day, such as seating arrangements and the venue. It is essential to choose fonts that can be read easily read in order to remove the chance of confusion. However, there are other factors that must be considered in addition to the practicalities, such as how the font sets the feeling of your big day.

Getting the right tone

The first thing to consider when choosing your font is the tone you are looking to set and any theme that will be incorporated. In the event that you are planning a traditional themed wedding; you should select a flowing font style. Straighter lettering and sharp angles are better suited to weddings that have a more contemporary theme.

Delivering the message

Couples and especially brides are always keen to make a statement in their wedding stationery by going for decorative fonts. The downside to this is that some guests may struggle to read overly decorative fonts. You should also consider the amount of information that needs to be included on each piece of wedding stationery. It is very likely that most guests will be able to spot their own name when written even in the most elaborate font. In contrast it can be much more difficult to read lots of information that is written in the same font.

Varying your fonts

Many couples mistakenly believe that they should select one font for their wedding stationery and stick to it. Don’t be scared of using different font styles throughout your wedding stationery as you see fit. You may even want to consider the use of more than one font in a single item of wedding stationery. For example in your wedding invitations you could write your guest’s names in flowing writing, with the other details such as venue and times in a clearer font.

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