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Eight Ideas to Ease Personalized Wedding Invitations Fears

Posted March 16, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Like many parts of wedding planning, choosing personalized wedding invitations can be incredibly stressful. The stress and confusion of preparing for your big day can cause you to lose track of what is really important when it comes to communicating details of your day to your friends and family. The following simple ideas will have you communicating what is really important with your friends and family alike:

Here is a quick snapshot of what is ahead

  • Who and who not to send your invitations to.
  • Reflect your personality and personal style within your invitations.
  • The importance of including RSVP cards with your invitations.

1. Be an early bird with sending your wedding invitations. The sooner your guests receive their wedding invitations, the sooner they can RSVP and the sooner you can confirm your head counts.

2. Your wedding invitation information needs to include RSVP responses. These are a stylish, visual/hands-on reminder for guests to RSVP.

3. Preliminary wedding invitation research being done before you order will result in decreased confusion and option-overload. With general ideas about what you want to accomplish you will find the process to be easier and hopefully much more fun.

4. It is best to provide invitations only for friends and family you want to be in attendance at the event – not out of protocol or obligation – expecting them not to attend. Know your budget and plan your guest list accordingly. Being sure that you can accommodate your guests both financially and comfortably before sending your invitations helps you to build the perfect guest list.

5. Be prepared for people to attend that have not returned an RSVP notification because it will likely happen.

6. If you have someone proofread your wedding invitations you will likely avoid unnecessary errors! Read over the information at least three times, and then have a trusted friend to do the same.

7. Make sure your wedding invitations reflect your personality and personal style. If you need input, consult those closest to you and whose opinion you genuinely trust, but even they should understand that you’re only collecting ideas. Tune out the unsolicited opinions of others and don’t let it add to your stress.

8. Above all, enjoy the process! Selecting personalized wedding invitations can and should be fun and exciting to select during this special time of your life.

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