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Engraved Picture Frames Are The Ideal Road To Keep A Memory Alive Specific Moments

Posted December 30, 2010 by in Articles | No comments yet

One of the most memorable gifts you can give is engraved picture frames especially with a really special picture in the frame. There are some unique ways to use engraved picture frames and some very traditional methods.

engraved wedding picture frames are ideal wedding gifts for the bride and groom. Have their names and wedding date engraved on the frame, put a copy of their wedding announcement in the frame and give it as a gift. After the wedding, they either can replace the picture with one from the wedding or leave the newspaper announcement in as another memento of their love.

For a family member that’s interested in genealogy, engraved picture frames make a wonderful gift to capture their family’s history. Take old family picture, have copies made and put them in an engraved frame with their names engraved on the frame and just watch the faces light up. This becomes a family heirloom that will be cherished for generation.

You don’t have to have a picture of grandparents to start the family tradition. Use some of the beautiful engraved frames to highlight all the family members at the last Christmas get together. What’s even better is if several families get together at the holidays. When you get them all together take their picture. Engrave the year and name of all those present. Present each family with one of the framed goodies from last year. They will not only thank you but will look forward to next years gift.

Engraved frames surpass the simple practicality of naming the time and date. There are hundreds of beautiful frames in different styles, colors and made of all types of materials. You can select from the sleek look of acrylic, go traditional with wood, add the posh look of a leather frame or enhance the house with the elegance of crystal. Brass, pewter, silver, gold and other metal frames also add to the décor of the rooms they grace.

Engraved picture frames also make your gift far more personal. The fact you took the time to have the frame engraved with just the right wording says how much you care for the other person. Simple dates or a message of love, makes the frame special to the recipient.

Don’t let the frames be for family only make your own framed pictures special by adding dates and thoughts. After all, you deserve a nice gift, too. That engraved frame will always be there to remind you of how special the occasion was.

Businesses can use the engraved picture frames for their special customers and always have their logo in sight. Pictures from a reward trip for employees or special outing for customers can arrive in the special frame with the business logo, date and appropriate comment, such as “Congratulations!” as a keepsake of the moment. A picture is worth a thousand word especially in an engraved picture frames?

With all the different shapes and sizes available you’ll have no trouble finding just the perfect one for your special setting or gift. You can’t go wrong with an engraved picture frame as wonderful gift to someone else or yourself. [spin]It’s the perfect way to hold on to those precious memories of times past. [spin]Engraved picture frames become the focal point of any room there placed in.

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