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Enhance The Theme of The Wedding By Matching Bridesmaids Hairstyles With Their Dresses

Posted August 19, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

One thing to keep in mind when preparing for your friend or family member’s wedding is that your hairstyle will be what sets you apart from the other women. Traditionally, bridesmaids all wear the same type of dress so that they can look feminine while being sure not to take the attention off the bride. If you want to stand out in your photos at the reception, you should be sure to wear a dazzling hairstyle that will make you stand out.

Many women overlook the fact that certain hairstyles look better with certain kinds of dresses, so in this article we will address the best hairstyle/dress combinations we could find.

The Side-Bun and The Strapless Dress
This is one combination that always looks great. For whatever reason, the elegant yet slightly lop-sided side bun makes a great hairstyle pair with the simple strapless bridesmaid dress. The clean and nude shoulders show off while the hair is up and still fashionable. The side bun is hard to perfect for any woman with short hair, so this look may not be for everyone.

Low Ponytail and the One Shouldered Dress
The low ponytail is a great looking hairstyle for any woman with long hair. This classy style goes great with nearly any dress, but the one shouldered bridesmaid dress seems to be its perfect match. Whether you let the actual ponytail hang down your back or if you want to put it to the side, the one shouldered feature of this dress works in perfect harmony with the beautiful length of your hair in a low ponytail.

The V-Shaped Neckline and The Mess Up-do
Many celebrities flaunt this style – and for a good reason! The messy up-do really shows off your facial features while the v shape of the dress you are wearing helps to bring it all together – while still showing off a bit of your body. This is a very sultry look, so unless you are okay with stealing the spotlight from the bride, we would suggest not to choose this look until after the reception is done and over.

The Half-Down Half Up Hairstyle With a Halter Dress
The half-down half-up hairstyle is a very popular option that both brides and bridesmaids both tend to love. This is a great hairstyle for those of you who may not feel completely comfortable in an up-do and want to be a little less formal – while still looking sophisticated. A thick halter strap dress looks great with this hairstyle, but thin strappy dresses can do the job as well.

The French Braid and the High Collared Dress
French braids are always a safe choice to go with at any wedding, but we will admit that they can be hard to match with a dress. Any dress with a high neckline or collar will do the job and will set the focus on your hairstyle and make-up.

Overall, there are many different wedding hairstyles that a bridesmaid can choose for the wedding day – the only way you can choose which one is best for you is by trying different styles on!

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