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Essential Jewellery Items For Nearly Every Collection

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Unusual Jewellery Of Impressive Quality

At Ola Gorie we think Scottish jewellery sets is an excellent addition to any ensemble for lots of different occasions. Whether you are sprucing up for a wedding celebration or party, or going to a casual event, we have unusual jewellery sets and timeless preferences to pick from in our essential jewellery brochures.

Similarly our essential jewellery is available to fit all spending plans, all ages and all tastes. Let us offer you a handful of illustrations of how broad our array is.

Our rings are sophisticated, plain and downplayed and beautifully detailed and every one of our designs have a story to recount. Both men and women are catered for in unusual jewellery patterns. Take our Runic I Love You men’s rings, for instance. The Norse folks of a 1000 years ago recorded their ideas, poetry and pledges of love in the twig-like runic alphabet. Carved on wood, bone and stone, their voices speak through the centuries to this day. Ola Gorie’s rings which may be ordered from the collection Runic have a secret message inside. The runic message spells’ I really love you’. While this is made plain in writing, Ola has other jewellery which expresses the same feeling but much more discretely.

Yet another timeless example of Ola Gorie’s guys’s rings is Rackwick. This design is named for the green valley of Rackwick in North Hoy with its beach littered with giant stones pounded by the full force of the Atlantic.

Orkney’s widely known writer and poet, George Mackay Brown, called Rackwick the ‘jewel of Orkney’. The green valley was a remote crofting and fishing hamlet which was just about deserted in the last century. Nowadays many of Rackwick’s old crofts have been reconditioned and the location of North Hoy is a prominent spot for people who appreciate its sensational and dramatic charm. Ola Gorie’s Rackwick men’s wedding ring is among numerous on our jewellery websites to pick from. All the romance of a storm lashed beach resort and lovely valley has actually influenced this stylish design.

Wedding day rings for guys would certainly once have been regarded as unusual jewellery. Wedding bands were initially just worn by spouses in this country, to indicate they were married. It was in the last century that spouses put on wedding bands commonly. The wedding ring traditionally forms the last in a series of presents, which additionally might consist of the engagement ring, traditionally offered as a betrothal present. This tradition was undoubtedly popular in Ancient Rome and is probably much older.

While in some cultures, rings are interchanged at the betrothal stage; in the UK this takes place during the course of the marriage ceremony. We have all experienced the panic-stricken fumble in a pocket as the best man has the task of presenting the rings at the crucial moment in the ceremony. In some cases the rings are paraded on a cushion.

It is additionally more typical nowadays for some newlyweds to disregard rings and exchange other pieces of jewellery, such as brooches. However to numerous couples, rings are considered essential jewellery for the ceremony and it would possibly be better to decide on unusual jewellery designs and wear them with pride.

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