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Everything A Maid Of Honor Really Needs To Be Aware Of

Posted November 16, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid means a couple of special things. Firstly that someone trusts you enough to perform one of the most important jobs on the most important day of their life. Secondly if you accept, you will be committing yourself to a lot of time, effort and probably expense as well. Although being asked to be Maid or Matron of Honor at a wedding ceremony is one of the best compliments a lady can receive, but Maid of Honor assignments can be a strain on your time as well as your finances. How big of a role you will play depends on the level of involvement of the groom, other family members and the size of both the wedding ceremony ceremony and reception. A Maid of Honor is active both in the time top up to the wedding ceremony, as well as the actual wedding ceremony day. She guarantees everything goes smoothly from start to finish, and the bride will be forever grateful for such beautiful, ideal reminiscences of her special day. A Maid Of Honor is supposed to carry out many different tasks. The maid of honor’s duties start almost as soon as the bride says “I do”. Be prepared to be always on call, especially as the big day approaches. Don’t be surprised if you are expected to achieve a lot of things without help from others (hey, that’s why she chose you!). Right, what are these duties?

You are going to be involved in many decisions. These things will range from major decisions such as the ceremony and / or reception venue down to small things like wedding favors or table displays. It’s quite a range. It will be a pain at times but ultimately it will be very rewarding. As I said above, it’s an emotional roller coaster for the bride and some of her choices may be governed by this. It is up to you to take a step back and look at her thoughts objectively. Don’t be scared to disagree. You have to take a detached view. Remember, long after the wedding, she will be detached enough to ask you “why didn’t you really say what you thought?”

Once those things are done, it’s time for the “proper” work to start. Basically you’ve got to keep your eye on everyone else involved. One of the most important duties is to double check that all of the guests remember when and where the wedding is taking place. At the same time do a head count to check who is coming and who cannot make it. You need tact and experience on the next bit. Who sits where and by whom. You need to blend groups of people together whilst separating those who do not get on (remember, alcohol will be freely available).

A Maid of Honor has assignments on her own as well. These are the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. Another simple but vital job is to keep track of which guests bought which presents (for sending the thank you notes) Your Maid of Honor tasks will probably leave you exhausted but you should feel an immense amount of satisfaction from being (solely?) responsible for the wedding being such a success. Just remember though, you are only really half way through..

When the wedding ceremony day arrives, all of the work from Maid of Honor assignments to date come collectively, and you can pat yourself on the back for the important role you played in creating such a beautiful wedding ceremony. But your work as Maid or Matron of Honor isn’t over! You play an extremely large role on the big day, assisting the bride and overseeing that the ceremony and reception flow smoothly until the last guest leaves that evening.

It’s a good thing to remember that although everyone expects you to be superwoman, you are likely to be just as stressed as anyone. The trouble is that you cannot afford to let this get to you. I find the best thing to do is make out a checklist and keep referring back to it. Whilst everything is going mad, don’t forget to keep tabs on the bride. A quick dress dress, make up veil check is required every so often.

So, what sort of things do you need to do on the day itself? Well, you’ve got…
Look after the bride’s bouquet and make sure her train is OK (and no one treads on it).
Hold onto the ring your bride is to exchange with the groom.
Take control of the tossing of the bouquet.
Organize the cutting of the cake.
Organize any special dances at the ceremony.
Make sure no one touches the money or presents on the gift table.
Line up the friends and relatives for the photographs.
(when that is all done) pull off the best maid of honor speech ever.

When all of your Maid of Honor assignments have been carried out, be sure to dance and have fun! The new bride and groom have you to thank for creating such a beautiful memory, one they will treasure forever.

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