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For Important Occasions Produce Your Own Paperie Cards

Posted December 13, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

People who enjoy scrap-booking will really love to get their hands on some wonderful paperie to come up with their own cards for special occasions. Here are some creative ideas and different art supplies you could use.

Get Some Rubber Stamps

If you are game for some fun and enjoy creating lots of different cards, what will come in real handy would be some rubber stamps. These are available in many alternative designs and patterns. And you can easily get a few different ink pads that come in numerous colors. Basically, you only need to stamp your rubber stamp on the ink pad and then stamp them on the numerous papers that you have lined up. Just make sure that the complete leveled surface of the rubber stamp is inked well as you wouldn’t want any faded stamps on your cards or paper. You could actually have your own customized rubber stamps made for you to use on birthday or wedding invites. This will give your creations a more personalized feel.

Use Some Creative Stencils

And if you should chance to like some different colours of patterns or pictures on your paperie project, you could obtain some stencils. These come in varied sizes and designs which you could combine together. Perhaps you would like different portions to be in different colours. Your inspiration and creativity will ensure you have loads of fun creating your personal designs which you could use to build your own customized wedding invitations, season greeting cards or birthday invites to send out to friends and family.

If You Are Too Tied Up

Now if you suspect that making your own customized wedding invitations or birthday cards is going to take you for keeps don’t sweat it. Got a birthday or wedding event coming up? Just get in contact with one of the online paperie sellers as a number of them offer really grand customised printing services. They are going to handle it all for you as you can order your own paper, design and make sure they know the wordings that you would like imprinted on the cards. Once finished, the revealed cards will be shipped to you prepared for your signature or private stamping before you send them off to buddies and relatives.


These days it’s so way easier to send online greetings but there is often good about creating and sending your own personalized cards on memorable occasions. In reality you may find it a delightful experience. Have a good one!

  • Get some rubber stamps to create different designs
  • Order your customized cards printed online
  • Use stencils with different colors


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