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Garters As A Wedding Tradition

Posted May 14, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Wearing a wedding tartan gartersunder your wedding gown is a very common addition and a wedding ensemble wouldn’t be complete without one.
The tradition of wearing a wedding garter goes way back to the fourteenth century together with the wearing of a garter is viewed as a lucky superstition to a lot of brides-to-be.
Yet another modern-day tradition involving the wedding garter is the custom of the groom removing it and throwing it into the crowd. The male individual who grabs the garter (much like when the new bride tosses her bridal bouquet into the crowd) is said to be the next one to marry. In older times, the bride herself would throw the garter to the male attendees of the marriage ceremony but tradition changed over the years as the male attendees tended to ‘jump the gun’ and actually try to rip the garter from the bride. The tradition was changed in a bid to shield the bride from these kinds of attacks!
Two garters are purchased by many brides. One to be tossed into the crowd, that will probably be a simpler garter, and one which is worn during the day and night and is part of the wedding outfit. This garter is usually considerably more fancy in style.
Many brides decorate their wedding garter with jewelry and select designs that match their character and style. The tartan garterscan also be used as the lucky ‘something blue’ so is usually a key part of the wedding outfit.
Removing the garter from the new bride can be done in 2 ways. Preferably for more mixed generation gatherings the garter should be removed by the bridegrooms hands. The bride can put the garter just above the knee so it can be easily removed. The other option, which in many instances provides a laugh or two is the groom taking off the garter with his teeth! Regardless of what way you choose the garter is then tossed into the crowd and captured by a lucky male guest.
To remain with tradition the guest should then offer the garter to the lucky lady who grabbed the brides bridal bouquet. When he places it onto this ladies leg, every inch higher he goes will ensure the bride and groom another year of marriage bliss!

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