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Getting Past Betrayal to Rebuild a Marriage

Posted February 8, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

If the person that you love with all of your heart has betrayed you, then you would obviously be heartbroken. You may start wondering if you should just end the relationship and try to move on with your life. If you really love your spouse though, you might try to do something to save the relationship if you can only find a way to trust your partner again. Knowing that everyone makes mistakes won’t do much to ease your pain and help you rebuild your marriage. There are a lot of stages of feelings you will have to dig through in order to reach the position of trust again, but if you’re strong enough to weather the challenge, your marriage can be saved.

Getting over being betrayed by your spouse isn’t something that will happen overnight. You have to work through feelings of anger, rage, depression, despair, and confusion before you’ll be able to find trust again. Also, you will need to rest assured that your partner won’t betray you again in the future. It is possible for you to get over the feelings that you feel after you first find out, but it will certainly be a while.

Needless to say, your spouse will be absolutely remorseful about his or her mistake. Many people start taking their marriage for granted over time and stop realizing just how important it is. Getting caught cheating may be just what they needed to open their eyes to realize the importance of what they have. Your partner will likely promise to do virtually anything if you can muster up the strength to forgive them. You may be able to forgive your partner although forgetting about the hurt likely won’t be possible.

Your first impulse may be to shut your spouse out of your life, because you’re hoping to save yourself pain. It isn’t possible to shut your partner out entirely unless you get divorced. Couples will need to communicate and to be honest with each other in this situation. Some people will even want to hear the answers to certain questions time and time again in order to start trusting again.

There is a reason why the partner cheated in the first place, so make sure that you work to solve the underlying problem. It’s never good enough to just treat the symptoms, so you may have to dig deep and be brutally honest in order to rebuild some semblance of trust. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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