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How About a Hawaiian Wedding?

Posted April 15, 2010 by in Articles | Comments Off

Imagine sipping on a coconut cocktail on the beach of your favourite Hawaiian beach, watching the sunset on a beautiful warm and barmy Hawaiian evening. The Pacific Islanders certainly know how to conjure up the perfect occasion for those with the intention of having their very special wedding day in one of the most picturesque places on earth.

Wouldn’t a traditional Hawaiian Wedding be something unique though and provide some amazing lasting memories? You could exchange your vows in a traditional Christian way beforehand and then plan out the process of engaging in a very traditional Hawaiian wedding.  The Hawaiian wedding is steeped in the traditions of the family and ancestors and is quite ceremonial. What a brilliant way to celebrate your wedding!

Here are a few ideas for you to consider if you are planning to do something different for your wedding day and want to follow the pathway of a traditional Hawaiian Wedding:

  • You can mix and match Christian and Hawaiian customs. Therefore you can incorporate a traditional Christian flavour to your wedding ceremony, while incorporating traditional Hawaiian customs too.
  • Make sure that you choose appropriate dress for the bride and groom. The groom can be in standard dress, but may include a sash around the waist. The bride can still be in white but may choose to wear flowers in her hair and wear a Lei.
  • Ensure that you order garlands for all of your friends and family. It is appropriate that they are adorned in the traditional lei’s, particularly the soon to be mother-in-laws. A recommended Lei is the three stranded Pikake.
  • It is tradition to hear a conch shell sounded three times before the start of the ceremony to confirm that the Lord is present. Have somebody available to do this.
  • Hawaii is certainly a melting pot for many varied cultures, so make sure that you include a variety of cultures in your wedding ceremony. Japanese, Phillippino and Chinese influences are strong, so you can encourage guests to come attired in a traditional costume from one of these countries. I’m sure that the women would love to attend in a Kimono, or you may want to include the Phillippino tradition of Pandango, which is an important part of a traditional Hawaiian wedding. From a Chinese perspective, you may even have some fireworks planned for the end of the ceremony.
  • The wedding cake is very important and it is the custom for the couple to cut the cake together, much like the traditional Christian wedding ceremony. The couple will then each take a bite of the cake to show their love and commitment to the marriage.

Other things that will make the evening special is to order traditional Hawaiian cocktails and drinks, traditional food and also to include some traditional dancers during the evening. You can then have your normal music entertainment as well, during the course of the evening.

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