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How To Decide Where To Go For Your Wedding Vacation

Posted May 9, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Has the arrangement for the on-time-delivery of the flowers been made? Is the wedding cake ordered several months in advance before the wedding? Have you found the perfect wedding dress for you? You are now ready for your big day. But what about the honeymoon? The honeymoon is not just about celebrating your love but it’s the reward for all your hard work and effort that you’ve put into your wedding day. Learning how to plan a wedding is not only about your wedding, but about your wedding vacation as well. This is why you need to make sure it is the perfect honeymoon with our which destination? The perfect honeymoon guide.

Where they spend their honeymoon is not important to most honeymooners as long as they’re together. They may well think that before the wedding but after you have planned that big day, spent the whole day on your feet, become emotionally exhausted not to mention having sore cheeks from smiling so much, you will want a slap up, top notch holiday that involved doing nothing for the next week. But in reality, you are worthy of it! You deserve an awesome holiday because of your hard work over the past years on getting your big day planned. Where can I celebrate?

For a romantic honeymoon, the Caribbean is the most popular place to be at for most honeymooners. Enjoy the beautiful white beaches under the warmth of the beautiful sun along with the magnificent view of the blue seas while having your drink. There’s no place that offers a better honeymoon for you than the Caribbean that’s why it’s popular among honeymooners. St Lucia and the Dominican republic are few of the many various places you can visit during your stay in the Caribbean. For those who want a bit more of an adventure can visit Cuba and stay in one of the authentic old style hotels. The warmth of the Caribbean’s sunshine is one of its guarantee and you can get a gorgeous tan.

The far east is also included in the list of popular honeymoon destinations. You will want to stay forever due to its beautiful scenery and the wonderful services from their staffs. The far east hotels and resorts which specialize in 5 star accommodates any budget for a host of different room and caters every need. The far east has many luxuries that offers best honeymoon experience from their basic rooms to swim up beach huts that will surely amaze you. You could visit Malaysia, Indonesia or even Thailand. These countries will offer you the best rates when it comes to amazing resorts.

You might want to go for something that’s uncommon. You can go and spend your honeymoon on the alps if you are looking for adrenaline rush and adventure. You could visit Nepal and spend your honeymoon trekking for charity. You could even spend it in deepest Africa hunting for Rhinos. It’s your honeymoon and the one holiday that you will remember for a lifetime so make sure you plan it well and enjoy yourself! Case: reomnm12

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