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How To Feel Like A Celebrity On Your Special Wedding Day

Posted April 27, 2010 by in Articles | Comments Off

It goes without saying that every bride to be wants their wedding day to be the most special day of their life and with careful planning there is no reason at all why this shouldn’t be the case. There are so many possibilities these days for the future bride to choose from as to where she would like the wedding held, the type of wedding she would like, what dress she would like, the flowers she wants, where the reception will be and what sort of menu she desires.

If it is a celebrity style wedding that the bride is looking for then this is possible without having to actually be a celebrity. Open any magazine these days and there will be a report on some celebrities wedding, somewhere in the world, and this is where to get great ideas from for a truly glamourous wedding. It’s true that these celebrities have the money to finance these lush events, but it is still possible to copy some of their ideas without having to spend the same amount as they do.

So how does a bride go about organising their own celebrity style  wedding ?

As I’ve already mentioned magazines are a great source for information and photographs. These are great to browse through and get some great ideas from. Generally they will also detail where dresses and other bridal wear can be purchased from. Maybe if the bride has a clever mother, relative or friend they may be able to copy the wedding dress and make it for her! . If not then taking the photograph to a professional dress maker is the next option. Another idea is to hire a wedding dress that is in the style of the celebrity wedding dress of her choice. Also if she takes a photograph of a celebrity hairstyle that she loves to her hairdresser they will probably be able to replicate that for her too, but if not then she needs to look for a hairdresser or stylist that can do the job for her. The same goes for the bride’s makeup as well, there are wonderful makeup artists out there that are easily accessible on the internet that would be able to replicate the look that she desires.

Sometimes celebrities actually write their own wedding vows and often in these cases the magazine will print the words used. If the bride would like something a little more personal for her wedding then this could give her some good ideas on what to actually say on the big day.

The bride to be will be working to a budget of some description and so planning a celebrity style wedding may seem a little daunting for her, but it doesn’t need to be. Wedding planners are the ideal people to help with all this and would be able to put plans into action as well as having other contacts that the bride would not normally have access to.

Whatever version of a celebrity wedding the bride is wishing for, she should definitely make sure that this is the wedding day that she gets. It is her one big special day and it needs to be what her dreams are made of.


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