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How to Make Your Own Wedding Video Invitations

Posted October 18, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Is it your dream to make your wedding more memorable for yourself and your guests? It all starts with the wedding invitation that you send your guests. An invitation is traditionally a piece of paper your wedding guests will receive. A well made invitation should contain the date of the wedding, as well as the place or venue. A short programme or the names of the entourage members will also be there.

Nowadays, wedding invitations have also become more high tech. With video invitations, you can do away with printing press companies and expensive stationery.

What are these video invitations? Usually, these videos are created by the bride and groom with the help of a video editor. Many computer programs are available to help you come up with something like a wedding video invitation. If you have a computer, as well as a cam corder, you can do this on your own. You won’t need a printer if you can write out the names on the cover yourself. Sending is also effortless because you can send by email.

Here are the things you will need:

- a video camera
- your invitation speech
- a collection of photos for the slide show
- Music you can play while the slide show is showing

You can also send the video by parcel delivery. Many guests may not even have their own email addresses. Even if they don’t have computers, many of your guests will have DVD players at home. You can get the video burned on CD and send them in DVD format.

The following qualities are necessary for the video you want to create

- set up like a movie trailer
- emotive
- awe-inspiring
- should contain clear and beautiful pictures

The music playing in the background should be the theme song of the couple. The photos should represent your love for one another. A short speech can be added at the end of the video so that the couple can personally invite people to attend.

If you want, you can also send out a mass invitation to all your facebook friends. Inviting your guests through your social network page using your video invitation can be done in two steps. Have a video sharing account in you tube and upload the video there. The next step is to send the link to the video to all the people you want to invite.

Here’s a website that wil give you more interesting information on wedding video invitations

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