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How To Manage A Rainy Wedding Day!

Posted June 9, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Every bride and groom shudders at the thought of rain that might arrive at any wedding that takes place out of doors. Its impractical to attempt to anticipate the weather when wedding plans are first decided on and couples courageous enough to contemplate a short while outside must then trust that God will be gracious to them!

Inn gardens, parents’ back yards and country mansion grounds are always popular settings for weddings. Nobody is able to control the weather though. You can minimise the impact of rain, wind or sleet and snow though to start with when you reserve your reception venue.

If you book a wedding marquee supplier like this wedding marquees Bristol company, you can say goodbye to any concerns over the weather. To keep your friends and family dry and warm on your day, book with an experienced marquee company. They provide heaters which may include indirect fired oil heaters or electric heaters to exclude the worst of the elements! They supply flooring to prevent people sinking into rain soaked grass and traditional and modern lighting to prevent the atmosphere from growing too dull. Most firms can now provide canopy only sections so that the inevitable reception line is also protected from the weather..

The other choice instead of a marquee, is obviously the choice of hiring a conference room or country house banquet hall, but these options, despite the fact they indubitably keep you dry, also cut down the opportunities for decorating options and the amount of guests you area able to invite. Normally, marquees allow you more flexibility!

Explore your area’s marquee firms now for complete confidence on your wedding day!

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