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How To Pick The Right Wedding Lingerie

Posted January 22, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

After you have set the wedding date, ordered the floral arrangements and bought the wedding gown, it is time to start shopping for the ideal set of bridal lingerie. The undergarments that you pick for that extraordinary day could make a difference not only in how your wedding gown will fit, but in your level of comfort also. And surely, you would like wedding lingerie that will take you from your day as a new bride to your night as a newlywed in both pinache and sensuality. While it may look like a major undertaking looking for just the right bra and panty set, there are many great options in wedding lingerie that will guarantee you get the ideal outfits to meet your style, measurements and available resources.

When To Begin Shopping For Your Bridal Lingerie

Though many brides to be may be tempted to shop at the intimate apparel shop shortly after the engagement is announced, it is usually best to hold of on purchasing wedding lingerie until after the gown has been selected. This will guarantee that the intimate apparel you purchase will offer the proper coverage under your wedding gown without the worry of noticeable straps or hem lines. If you buy a gown with a low cut front, you might want a bra that will make the most of your bust line. For smaller brides to be, this may possibly consist of either a push-up bra or a padded style. For gowns with revealing backs, you might want to make sure that your bra or corset comes with a clasp at the waistline, instead of across the middle of the back.

Tall, sheath-style gowns might require a long slip beneath them to make sure there is enough coverage that will permit the skirt to hang and flow properly. You can also use the wedding lingerie to augment your natural contours, by choosing intimate apparel that offers you enhanced support or control. If the gown is tight-fitting, you may want to go with an entire body suit which will even out the belly and draw in your waist to provide a more flattering figure. Bare in Mind that although this type of wedding intimate wear can be form enhancing, it might also be quite uncomfortable, so shop with care and plan in light of that possibility.

Your Wedding Night

Given that this will be the outfit that you greet your new partner in on your wedding night, you might like for the wedding lingerie to be attractive and functional. Do not be afraid to skimp on the niceties such as adequate ribbon and lace, and select the elegant materials such as silk and satin that will feel as good as it looks. For a more appealing look, go with the garter belt and stockings instead of the conventional pantyhose. You should be able to choose from a wide assortment of garter belts that should appeal to every style.

Your wedding lingerie should be an enjoyable piece to go shopping for, and a gorgeous ensemble to be dressed in under the gown on your most special day. Be patient and find only the best options in wedding lingerie that will bring a feeling of romance.

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