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How to Quit Smoking to Save Your Marriage

Posted August 2, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Things can get quite difficult living with a smoker if you don’t smoke yourself. Many marriages have problems because of this. One of the most common is the nasty smell associated with smoking.

You likely wont feel like kissing your spouse very much after they’ve had a cigarette. You’ll find that this will make it much more difficult to be intimate. Also, you will probably breathe in the smell since it tends to stay on the clothes and hair.

One of the most important reasons for your concerns about smoking is probably due to its effects on your spouse’s health. You don’t want your partner to develop serious health concerns since you love him or her. Second-hand smoke can be dangerous too, so you’d be justified to be concerned about your health as well.

If you want your partner to quit, then you should sit down and voice your concerns. Many spouses make the mistake of trying to force their mate to quit. It is very difficult to quit the habit, so you definitely shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight.

Suggesting an exercise program is a good idea. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress. After exercising, your partner wouldn’t feel the need to light up a cigarette as often. Exercise also offers plenty of other health benefits that you should be aware of.

You could also try suggesting that your spouse start cutting back on his habit slowly. Smoking only five or ten is a great start if they normally smoke 15 a day. Another good idea is to keep the pack of cigarettes so your spouse doesn’t have easy access to them. Having limited access to the smokes will certainly help curb the frequency of the habit.

Seeking support from one source or another is vital. Having friends and family members to provide support will help the process go along much more smoothly.

Just know that whatever you do, you shouldn’t try to pressure your spouse to quit before he or she is ready. If you do use too much pressure, it will only lead to unnecessary arguments. Going to a marriage counselor is a good idea if you can’t seem to work things out.Doc No.lkhjsdklsd-ssj

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