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Ideas for some unique wedding entertainment.

Posted August 29, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Are you looking for some exciting and unique wedding entertainment ideas? You can always play it safe and go with the traditional wedding band, singer or disco or you can take a chance and hire something a little alternative and more exciting.You may choose to have a circus theme for your wedding entertainers. The circus performers can welcome your wedding party. Your loved ones will feel at home and be really happy at the uniqueness of your wedding before they have even got through the door of the venue!

Possible entertainment packages could involve a magician to wow your wedding guests. The children and teenagers will watch in stunned awe at how awesome the illusionist’s tricks are. Adults alike will wish they knew the conjurer’s secrets and will spend hours trying to understand how the performer’s managed such feats right in front of their very eyes.  

During the food or after the speeches, stilt walkers can mix and minlge your loved ones. Street theatre jugglers will catch your wedding party’s eyes, delivering skills with balls, clubs rings and sticks to entertain and amaze your guests.

Some unique wedding entertainment ideas are the incrediblefire shows that are becoming increasingly popular. You can have a fire performer dazzle and impress your wedding guests with his or her solo performance. The death defying fiery skills and dramatic tricks will have each and every wedding guest’s eyes glued to the fire show with amazement.

Another option would be to book a troupe of fire show performers to provide some of your wedding entertainment. The fire performers will juggle and spin the flaming torches. You will see fire breathers. You will see fire dancers. All of this can be at your wedding or the celebration afterwards.Your wedding party won’t want your special day to end.

Most of the performances can usually be performed indoors depending on the place you will be holding your wedding and/or wedding reception. Obviously health and safety is always the most important concern. The circus performers will know the rules and what to look for to make sure it is safe within the location. If not, you may ask the owners of the building if there is a suitable place outside where the fire jugglers can put on their show. If a fire show is still not allowed, the fire eaters can put on a glow show that is simply brilliant. You and your wedding party will not be disappointed. In fact, everyone will be enjoying themselves very much at your celebration.  

If you so choose you can have one or more of the act from above and then also have musicians or DJ get your wedding guests on the dance floor. The choice is yours in how you want to plan your wedding and wedding reception with wedding entertainment ideas. So why not go online and research the wide variety of unique wedding entertainment ideas out there, you never know you may stumble across the next big thing!



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