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Ideas for the Latest Trend: Couples’ Showers

Posted July 31, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Traditionally, bridal showers have been for the bride, her attendants, and her friends. No men allowed! However, like everything in the world, wedding showers are taking a modern twist. It’The grooms and his friends are more commonly showing up at these events. Rather than being a fancy, formal party with trite shower games and ladies sitting on chairs in a circle, this option of including the men, which used to be totally taboo, is now finding favor with a lot of modern brides and grooms. If you’re giving the shower, make sure that the couple is actually open to the idea.

It isn’t necessary for you to plan or pay for the shower alone. It’s perfectly all right to expect the bride’s attendants and the groomsmen to pitch in with both the work and the expenses. It’s important that your invitations make it clear that ladies are allowed to bring their husbands and boyfriends. Any guests who are single can bring a date. You can also specify the type of dress. All of the guests at the occasion should feel as comfortable as possible.

It’s usually best that you keep things casual when it comes to a couples’ shower. You can have the event at a casual restaurant or even in the park or backyard. Pizza, burgers, and other basic items should round out the menu. There’s no need to spend countless hours making fancy foods in order to please this crowd. You could serve appetizers or finger foods if the event isn’t held at an appropriate meal time.

Games for a couples’ shower can also be simple. For example, prior to the party, you can ask some questions to the bride and groom. The object of the game will be to see if guests can guess what each of them said in response to the questions. Game winners can be given prizes that would appeal to both men and women, such as gift cards. Of course, if you have a crowd that you don’t think would appreciate playing games, you can dispense with them and just talk instead as well as take time to enjoy the couple opening their gifts. Doc No.azlcssaeh-sdgfhkl

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