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Ideas to Help you Write and Give Great Best Man Speeches

Posted June 18, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

The best man speech is almost always the most funny and entertaining. Now, learning how to pull yours off is the key. As the groom has asked you to be his best man it is your duty now to do your best to prepare for a decent best man speech.

A well thought out preparation is often the main factor to a nicely presented bestman’s speech. Since you tend to be the best man, you and the groom should be pretty close to each other and there is a great relationship between the two of you. Subsequently, you can use that to your advantage. I am sure that jointly you have had several unforgettable moments. Although, be sure to stay away from the hanging out days, and any ex-girlfriends. Mentioning those memories would hurt the bride, and more importantly, the bridegroom, your good friend, so cling to just the funny times, the two of you have experienced together.

Probably, how you happen to meet the groom for the first time, would certainly be a good beginning, however, you can also consider to tell similar stories about the bride and the groom also. Well, it’s time now to turn the focus to the guests. You need to entertain the audience, make them feel as though they were right there, when whatever you are referring to was occurring. Make recurrent eye contact with the people in the room. Present them a personal feel to your best man speech, this is likely to make it at the same time unforgettable and entertaining.

You can begin with a lighthearted comment. Just like, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big day, for, finally the Mike has admitted I am in fact the best man” That will lighten the mood and at the same time help you get relaxed which is important for your speech.

Best man speeches are normally the speech everyone eagerly waits for throughout the wedding speech presentation process. For that reason, you want your best man speech to stand out. Include the bride in your wedding speech, but remember, be nice and respectful. Regardless of the opinion you might be having about her, the bride is your best friend’s or brother’s new bride, and by upsetting her, you could also offend him too. Keep in mind, there is no point spoiling the happiest day in their life. You would like to make your speech tender hearted, compelling and funny. Steer clear of any negative thoughts. Make certain to let the bride know how gorgeous she appears to be, every bride needs to be told she looks beautiful, especially on this day.

Towards the end of the speech, turn to the groom and bride, and talk about one or two words about them to the audience. Maybe talk about a few guidance on marriage, but just as before, steer clear of anything offensive. Perhaps, share with them, what it takes to help make a marriage to last forever, and give them some words of encouragement.

and finally, you can’t think of concluding your best man speech without toasting the happy couple. Stand straight, raise your glass high in the air, and request everyone to accompany you, in a toast to the new bride and groom. Give them your best wishes, for a long and prosperous future together, and toast them as the happy couple.

Bear in mind, as long as best man speeches are kept brief and straightforward, as well as sincere and honest, you are sure to deliver a great best man speech.

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