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Infidelity among women – are the numbers on the rise?

Posted December 25, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Are there more women choosing to have extramarital affairs than in previous years?  Let us first agree to strike ‘extramarital’ and replace it with ‘relationship’, since there are an increasing number of couples choosing not to marry while still being committed.

The issue of infidelity among women is getting much press these days and the theories regarding its increase in numbers – not the increase but its causes or catalysts – are in great dispute.  For over twenty years it has been suggested that the rise in the occurrence of infidelity in women was causally linked to the number of women in the workforce – more women entering it; more occurrence of infidelity.   Described as “meeting more people” has been the typical reference to this theory. 

This writer is in strong disagreement with this theory.   There are several reasons for published disagreement at this point in time because the number of women getting jobs has stabilized but infidelity among women continues to rise.   If this is the case what does it say about the real cause of this continuing increase and how women are faring in relationships period?  In addition to the above-stated statistics vis-à-vis workplace appearance, the proponents of this theory are missing one key element of this equation – infidelity continues to rise in women who do not work!

As most experts will acknowledge, women typically will be drawn to infidelity if they feel that their emotional needs are simply not being met.  Men, to be blunt, cheat when they are nagged.   Does the continuing increase in the number of women involved in infidelity suggest that there is parallelism between that and their typically sustained causes – emotional insecurity, or are their other factors at work?  Certainly, there is no universally agreed opinion on this.  If it is not happening because of increased numbers in the workplace, then where lies the cause?   If we back up to the original premise by so called experts and their contention that the origin of the increasing numbers – which began several decades ago – was due to increasing numbers of women in the workplace, how does that square with the universally agreed reasoning for their typical stimulus – i.e. emotional insecurity?  Does a woman become emotionally insecure if she gets a job?  Our understanding of emotional science would strongly disagree.   It might be true for men but not women. A woman on her own professionally should require less rather than more emotional support from her mate.  The back side of that assumed – but disputed herein – cause of ‘exposure’ to more people would make a mockery of the emotional support theory.  Does a woman get a job; go to work; meet new men; and cheat – as if on some auto-cheat rollercoaster?  We think not.  Clearly the reasoning lies elsewhere.

If you are trying to get ex back from an infidelity-damaged scenario, or if you plan to win your ex back you may find that a grasp of the concepts herein may be key.  Regardless, you may find that trying to get your ex back might be much easier armed with this understanding.

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