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Is A Professional Photographer Needed For Taking Engagement Pictures?

Posted February 27, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

A photograph that is well-taken can make memories for a lifetime. Engagement pictures are becoming a common thing, especially nowadays. The memory of the engagement is a big deal especially in the future when your kids and theirs want to know all about the engagement. An engagement usually starts with a proposal.

Photographs of the Proposal

A couple is said to be engaged as soon as the woman accepts the proposal from the man. It is highly unlikely that you have a photographer in tow when you propose. But then, it’s always a great thing to document something that is supposed to be a private affair. There is a way for you to do this.

What you can do is to recreate the proposal on a later date with a photographer. At one point during the preparation, you can go back to the place where the proposal was made and then pose for the camera. The photographer can take a shot in which the man is kneeling down. However you do it, the important thing is to take a memorabilia of the event.

The Engagement Party

Engagement parties are a big event that needs to be documented. You can also take this opportunity to test the photographer you hired to do your wedding photos. When you plan the event, make sure that the photographer knows what you are looking for. Candid shots are good. Documenting all aspects of the celebration will help you build more memories.

Even if the engagement party is simple, a professional is better. A professional photographer understands how lighting works. Great photos of special moment are what you need. If the photograph is blurred, the moments will not be captured properly.

Continuing the Service

Treat the engagement photos as a test run of your wedding photos. Furthermore, you may be getting a generous discount if you re-hire the photographer to do your wedding as well.

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