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Letterpress Wedding Invitations Explained In Detail

Posted April 2, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

The wedding invitation is the first thing that your guest sees prior to attending the wedding. A wedding invitation is also the one item that many guests tend to keep as a memento.

Choosing letterpress invitations is a great way to keep things elegant yet eco-friendly. Pure cotton pages work well for letterpress invitations because cotton stock is durable yet flexible. If you are not exactly sure what letterpress invitations look like you will be pleasantly surprised. Letterpress printing is characterised by its raised surface and its three dimensional look and texture.

Letterpress wedding invitations has been the mainstay of the US wedding stationery market for so long but for some reason it has taken a lot longer for the beauty of this age old printing technique to take a grip of the UK wedding stationery market. They can actually be a very affordable option if you go with a single colour.

Custom letterpress wedding invitations are the most remarkable way to announce your spring wedding celebration, and now they are more reasonable than ever. As you begin creating the invitations of your dreams you will find yourself looking through a variety of designs, such as letterpress, engraved invitations or even cheaper thermographically printed options. However, letterpress has that timeless elegant feel that oozes quality.However, there is always a premium to pay for the more exclusive printing techniques and letterpress wedding invitations and wedding cards will unfortunately be some what more pricey especially when compared to digitally printed types of invitations…

If you choose to have this form of invitations for your wedding you shouldn’t overlook when you are adding personal wedding stationery or note cards to your personal accessories after the wedding. Finding letterpress wedding invitations while on a tight budget can be difficult to do. By mixing and matching them with digitally printed menus for example allows you to have the best of all worlds- styles and colours that you love from a very exclusive range of stationery coordinated with some digitally printed items that have the benefit of keeping your overall stationery within your budget.

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