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Making All Of The Main Decisions On Wedding Invitations

Posted March 4, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Leading up to your wedding day there are many details that must be considered. Once you have settled on the church, reception location and picked your dress, you have to think about the wedding invitations. The inviation is a vehicle with which to convey how pleased you would be for the recipient to attend and also set the tone of your big day.

Printed solutions

Off the shelf traditional options are very popular. The wording will already be included; leaving you to fill out all of the important details. In addition to the name of the bridge and groom; this will also include date, time and location of the wedding. But before you make it to the addition stage you need to pick the actual card.

Selecting the style and colour

There are many things to think about in your selection process. One of these is the paper type and how it is styled. How thick the paper is, whether it has straight or ragged edges and its texture all need careful thought. Any colour scheme that will be present on your big day should also be incorporated into your wedding invitations.

Essential Information

You must also ensure that cards for the reception are also printed. These should be used to provide information on the location of the reception and what time it will commence. These cards can also act as a keepsake, whether the invitee is able to attend or not.

Achieving that personal touch

As well as having to scribe the details on the inside of the card, you will also have to address the envelope. Some even go to the extent of taking calligraphy courses so that the writing looks just right. Asking a friend or hiring a specialist could be an option if you don’t have time to refine your scrawl. But doing it yourself will make it special, and more personal, for you and your guests.

Getting the right supplier

Deciding exactly where to source your wedding invitations from is an important decision. Just a slight mistake with the details could lead to confusion on the big day. First check if your friends and family members have any suggestions, before looking for online reviews.

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