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Online Diamond Purchasing

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Acquiring a diamond jewelry involves some heavy feelings and uncertainties, in contrast to other purchases.

As pointed out by Carson Glover, spokesperson for World Diamond Council, “The most important thing in purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry is education.” “If the promises that you are looking for are not offered, look in other places.”

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You will know the quality of a diamond by its carat, color, clarity and cut. Of the four C’s, cut and clarity are the most misconstrued, as mentioned by Antoinette Matlins, gemologist and author of Engagement and Wedding Rings. A good number of people do not really know that the cut affects the beauty of a diamond the most and they think clarity is what produces glitter and radiance.

The essential elements are the angle of the top and bottom portions, the shape of the cut, the polish and symmetry.. To compare, things that affect clarity include “inclusions” which are internal flaws such as crystals and carbon or by external scratches and blemishes, according to Naples, Fla. jeweler Anthony Verderamo.In your selection of a jeweler, ask if he has a gemological training. If at all possible, let it be someone who can also do some settings and repairs.

When buying online, that may be a problem. According to a master gemologist appraiser, Martin Fuller, some jewelers raise up their fee when you buy online and then request them to service or mount it:”Although they have no profit from the diamond, they take on the risk and responsibility if they set it.”

Verderamo, owner of Anthony Verderamo Goldsmith said, jewelers should be delighted by just creating the setting since there’s much competitors in the market.

Tips for Diamond Shopping

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Now that you think you’ve found the best diamond choice, be sure your purchase is protected:

•Make sure it is credentialed by the Gemological Institute for America. The seller should be able to show a lab report from GIA to assure that the diamond hasn’t been treated and has the description of its four C’s. American Gem Society lab is also well-reputed although GIA is the best-known lab as it created the diamond grading system.

•Make sure you have the receipt of the purchase and that it specifically mentions all representations.

•Verderamo advises you ask that the serial number be lasered onto the stone to guarantee it is your diamond. Studying the use of a jeweler’s loupe is also recommended to know your stone.

•If you have an especially valuable stone and you want to be extra thorough, think about getting an independent appraiser to verify the lab report. You can get in touch with an appraiser through the help of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and the American Society of Appraisers. Upon your online purchase, organise for direct shipping to your chosen appraiser who will guarantee that specifications are met before the deal goes through.Normally, appraisers fees range from $100 to $300.

•Ask for a guarantee of 30-days to return the product in cash, rather than store credit. Don’t expect to return a jewelry if the style is personalized for you.

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