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Perfect Gifts For Marriage Ceremony

Posted April 25, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Despite the fact that there are many who help in giving items which they can use for the bridal shower or even for the wedding day itself like taking care of the couple’s cake, etc.. The gift that you should give them should be something that can be cherished for a long time. Below are a few of the advice that will be great for you when you start to buy gifts for a friend’s wedding.

1. Wedding Gift Bag: Buying a gift basket means you can personalize those items you wish to give the wedding couple. You can give the couple a gift container full of spa items like showergels, soaps, scrubs, facial foam and many more.

2. Unity Candle: Do a little research by finding out what the couple’s wedding theme will be so you can get a unity candle that will match the couple’s wedding motif. You can go to wedding bazzars and look for an ideal wedding gift for the couple and one of which are the unity candles. Part of the wedding tradition is the lighting of the Unity candle usually dictated by the celebrant of the ceremony . Lighting this symbolizes the life unity of the two loving couples who will be one in effectuating their lives for each other.

3. Wedding Shower Gift Box: Aside from hosting the party for the bride you may want to give her her own wedding shower gift box which includes a bunch of kleenex, candles, a bottle of champagne, etc. This type of gift is one means of saying you are truly of happy for your bride friend as she embarks into a new role as a wife.

4. Spa Gift Basket: This is designed for the bride-to-be to relax . If the bride loves reading you might like to will include a pocket book for her to enjoy during her spare time. As both the bride and the groom would feel really tired after the party, their own spa kit will help .

5. Personalized Keepsake Box: There are keepsake boxes that even have locks. There are sterling silver boxes that allow the couples insert their pictures together so not only are these made to store personal belongings but it works like a picture frame as well.

As much as possible your gift must be something that will always remind the bride and groom how happy their wedding was in the coming years. The gift you give them does not only show that you are present during the wedding but also the happiness you share with them as they live together as couple.

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