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Selecting Your Wedding Invitations Style To Complement Your Big Day

Posted February 26, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

A bride and grooms wedding invitations should not only be considered for practical purposes. They do more than announce your celebration and tell your guests when and where to show up. Invitations also serve to demonstrate your style and choosing the right option can be an enjoyable part of planning your wedding.

Finding your style

If you are unsure about what kind of style you have, there are some ways to find out. The first stage of the process is to consider the kind of wedding dress you intend to purchase or have already tucked safely away in the cupboard. If the dress is simple or traditional, you may want your wedding invitations to be the same. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to show off your classical or minimalist style via your invites. Where you are going for a more bold or daring dress then you have the freedom to go for invitations that are a little more edgy. Bright shades and crazy designs in combination with odd shaped invites can provide the style statement you want to make with your big day. Always bear in mind that it is important to ensure unity throughout the wedding by keeping colours and design similar between the dress and invites.

Considering themed weddings.

If you are having a themed wedding you have the opportunity to go really crazy with your wedding invitations choice. There is an unlimited number of wedding theme ideas, from army weddings to beach weddings. Themed weddings tend to be fun and memorable and you should aim for the same goal with your invitations. Be certain to include some reference of the wedding theme in your invitation design.

Appropriate wording

What you decide to write on your invitations says a lot about the style of your invites and of your wedding as a whole. If you are planning a classic or traditional theme then be sure to include the forename and surname of the couple. The words, addresses and dates will all be spelled out instead of abbreviated or numerated. For more modern weddings feel free to use initials, numbers and abbreviations as much as you like.

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