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Simple Tips for Perfect Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Posted August 20, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Being a bridesmaid is more than just walking down the aisle before your best friend does. You have a very important job to do as a bridesmaid. Before the big day, you may be tasked with doing things that the bride to be just doesn’t have the time to get to. On the wedding day, you are expected to be there for the bride when she needs you. You will probably help her to get dressed and fix her hair. Last minute fixes to clothing and makeup are often performed by the bridesmaids. At the reception you will be there for her to show your support of her new marriage.

Don’t Upstage The Bride

Although bridesmaid’s hairstyles need to be impeccable, it is important not to look better than the bride. After all, you are there to support her – not divert all the attention away from her. This is her special day and all eyes should be on her on this day. That doesn’t mean you have to look plain. There are wonderful hairstyles that will make you look fantastic without drawing too much attention to you. Even people with short hair have several options for great hairstyles. Some women choose to go curly while others prefer straight hairstyles. Choose something that looks good on you.

Medium length hair is great because there are more choices. You will be able to wear it up or down. A nice look is half up and half down. This is an impeccable and gorgeous style that is perfect for a wedding. Long hair can be worn in curls, straight, in a bun or even French braids. Don’t be afraid to use hair jewelry to enhance your hairstyle.

Tips for Looking Great

The right up-do will have you looking like a million bucks. It isn’t recommended to make any drastic changes to your hair just before the wedding. If you plan a drastic change you should do it quite a while before the wedding. This will prevent you from hating your hair on the day of the wedding. Your friend is getting married and you are a part of her special day. That means you will want to look beautiful. If you are unhappy with your hairstyle you won’t be there for your friend. Therefore you should not change from long hair to short the night before the wedding. If you are tired of your look try a new hairstyle for the length of hair that you have. It is alright to cut your hair, just don’t cut too much.

Types of Styles for Bridesmaids

You can have curly hair or straight hair as a style that will be perfect for you. Pull your hair up into a nice bun and off of your face. If you don’t like that look let your hair frame your face. French braids that are pulled up into a nice bun are also a great look for a bridesmaid. Whatever styles you choose don’t be afraid to make it impeccable and beautiful. It is the day for the bride to feel beautiful, but as part of her court you should also be beautiful. You can achieve this with the right hairstyle. Perhaps the bride has ideas she would like to see you try. Give them a chance before making a decision. Remember regardless of the which wedding updos you choose to go with, you will want to be comfortable as it will be a very long day.

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