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So She’s The One, What To Do Next?

Posted June 26, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Buying an engagement ring can be daunting for even the most confident and intelligent groom-to-be. After the decision to propose, it’s probably one of the most significant decisions you’ll make prior to your wedding.  To help you make a better more informed decision, and improve your chances of buying a diamond engagement ring that will make your fiancée happy and be an intelligent  investment, we’ve put together a basic check-list of major points to examine before making your final selection.  

1. Set a budget.  Figure out how much you can afford to spend on the ring. Consider the cost of the ring along with all of the other expenses you’ll incur when starting a life together such as wedding expenses, honeymoon costs, etc.  You don’t want to start your life together with the additional burden of serious financial obligations. It could mar the excitement of the whole happening. So, be wise, set a budget and stick to it.

2. Do your homework. Find out about the basics of diamonds and rings before you go into any jewelry store. There’s no lack of great education  online about how to understanddiamond quality and shapes, and the contrast in metals used for rings and settings. Learn the terminology that jewelers use and even do some investigation about the kind of jewelry your fiancée prefers. Observe what she wears and notice her tastes.  Maybe take her mall  shopping and listen to her remarks. It will increase your chances of making a selection that she will be crazy about.

3. Select a Jeweler.  First and foremost, find someone you trust. Ask friends for referrals. Read online customer reviews. Find a reputable, trustworthy jeweler. A local jeweler is good, or a company with a long positive history of satisfied customers. Online jewelry stores have become increasingly popular due to the transparency of the internet. Look for experience, look for credentials and a positive reputation. Watch and listen to what the jeweler says and how he/she says it.  If you don’t feel comfortable, go and find someone else. 

4. Choose a metal.  If your research has given you some hint of what your fiancée likes best, you’ve got this step nailed already. Engagement rings are made from yellow or white gold, or platinum. Gold is the most traditional, well-priced and matches any other type of jewelry. Platinum is a stronger metal, wears well, but is more pricey.

5. Select a setting. The setting can be one of the most difficult steps in your checklist. There are many different types of settings. The most common include solitaires and matching sets, though channel settings, pave settings, 3 stone rings, and many variations of them are becoming more popular. custom designed engagement rings are also a great option, allowing you to create something unique and memorable. 

6. Decide on a diamond. The diamond is generally the largest portion of your cost with your engagement ring, so your homework will pay off well here. Loose diamonds come in an array of shapes (heart, marquise, round, pear, oval, asscher, etc.), and sizes, each with its own unique qualities. Cut has become increasingly significant, as more and more customers educate themselves regarding the cut criteria of the diamond. This is where your knowledge of your fiancée’s taste will also pay off to ensure you make a selection that she loves and that clearly displays your love for her.  

7. Get an appraisal. With the purchase of your diamond, you should also get an independent appraisal of its worth. This paperwork is necessary if you choose to have your ring insured.

8. Warranty. Ask your jeweler for a warranty for your setting. Some jewelers will continue to guaranteeyour ring if you have it cleaned and check the setting consistently. These basic maintenance steps guarantee that your ring will remain gleaming and gorgeous for years to come. 

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