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Some Great Marriage Proposal Ideas

Posted December 1, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Finding good marriage proposal ideas is tough . After all, you only get one chance, and you had better make it good, preferably great . She is going to remember this moment forever, and you want her memories to be perfect . Not only that, but you want her to say yes, don’t you ?

There are some things you need to think about when searching for the perfect marriage proposal. The first is her personality and her loves, besides you, of course. The perfect proposal is a reflection of who she is . She should know immediately, without you telling her, that  you came up with the entire thing for her, and just her. It should be laser targeted towards who she is as a person. There is nothing really wrong with one of the standard marriage proposals, but you want something a bit more special, don’t you?
Something you can do that almost guarantees a perfect proposal is to blend two things that have been used to create perfect proposals forever . One part of the perfect proposal recipe is what was touched on previously; craft your proposal for her, and only for her . Use everything you know about her to design the perfect proposal, from what you say to propose, where you propose , and what you’re doing when you propose. She’ll know that you made the proposal specially for her and that will mean even more to her. In addition, it will add to the following part of the equation.

Romance is the next thing that all but assures that you have created the perfect proposal . Yes, just about all women love romance, even the most rough and tumble among them. Even if your gal is a huge sports fan, can kick the crap out of most of your friends, watches porn, and  cusses like a sailor, she’ll probably still love to be swept off her feet with a really romantic proposal, and that is the whole idea.

Making the proposal romantic does not mean that you just get everything romantic you can find and stitch it together into something resembling a romantic proposal. Just giving her flowers, chocolates and a candlelit dinner does not a romantic proposal make. Romance means that there are elements in the proposal that are passionate and really demonstrate your love for her, and only her. It also means that you show imagination and love all combined into one package.

Now, for many guys this is no easy task. It’s sort of like asking them to watch reruns of America’s Next Top Model for a week straight. Not only are they not all that romantic, but it doesn’t come easy to them, and they may not even like it all that much. If you are a man who has a strong romantic streak, so much the better. This whole proposal thing will come much easier to you.

There are some mistakes you definitely want to avoid. The first is proposing to her in a way that takes her out of her comfort zone. If she is easily embarrassed, and does not like crowds or being in front of large groups of people, proposing to her in front of a large crowd at a concert or major sporting event would be an invitation to disaster. Somehting that has bitten more than one guy on the butt when they are proposing is to propose in a way that they think is really cool, without stopping to think about how their girlfreind feels deep down inside. Proposing at a sporting event or in front of their family at a large, family event are great examples of this. Many women do not like to have their private moments on display for the whole workd to see. You should know your gal well enough to know if this would be embarrassing for her. Even if she wouldn’t downright hate a proposal like that, would she really appreciate it as much as something more intimate and romantic?  .

Mistake number tow is to neglect the ring when you propose. Remember, you’re supposed to get down on one knee and offer her up an engagement ring. . Recently a national survey revelad that proposing without an engagement ring is one of the things that women viewed as a serious mistake. Look, if the ladies say that they think it’s a mistake to propsoe without a ring, than it is, no two ways about it . If you have a very low budget, don’t sweat it . She needs a dream proposal, not a dream diamond ring . When economic conditions improve, you can upgrade the ring. If you are on a budget, take a look at these powerful strategies to find affordable engagement rings.

Not to put any additional pressure on you, but you need to realize that if she says no, it could cause relationship problems . In fact, it could cause you to break up, and then you’ll be asking how to get a girl back, instead of planning your honeymoon. You want to feel things out before you propose to make sure you’re doing the right thing. If you’ve discussed marriage already, you’ll have a much better idea of her feelings on the subject. In many cases guys wait too long to propose, but that is preferable to asking her too soon . Asking too soon can make her feel like you’re pressuring her or trying to push the relationship into something she’s just not ready for yet.

Here are some actual ideas you can use for your proposal. Find a place that has significance for your relationship, such as the place you went on your first date, or the place you met. That would be a great place to propose. If there is a place she has always wanted to travel, that would also be a great place to propose also. There is probably a place she finds very romantic, such as her favorite beach or mountain town, or possibly a little bed and breakfast in the country. It’s important to make sure it is a place that has special meaning for her or your relationship together, not someplace you like, such as the 50 yard line at the football staduim(unless that means something special for your relationship).

You can propose while the two of you are enjoying a favorite activity together, if it is something that you both really like to do together. There are always old standbys to fall back on, such as a walk on the beach at sunset, dinner with a view at a romantic restaurant, or after cooking her a nice candle light dinner at home.

Nothing is certain in this life, and proposing is no different. If you’ve been dating seriously for a year or two, and the two of you have enough invested in your relationship you’ll probably know when it’s time to ask her to get married. When it is time,  pull all the elemnts of the perfec tproposal together into something especially for your special someone. Then nyou ahve to actually ask her. Sincerety is paramount. Be sincere, look deep into her eyes, kneel down and unveil the ring. She’ll have tears in her eyes .

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