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Straightforward Tips for Wonderful Table Centerpieces on Your Wedding

Posted September 10, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Though you may have a lot of colors and decors all over the place, you must never neglect the centerpieces on each guests’ tables. Although they may be small, it actually acts as the focal point of the wedding. Here the things that will help you.

How Many are coming?

The number of guests corresponds to the table at the reception and this will tell you how many centerpieces you’ll need. Aside from the tables that will seat all the guests, you will need to consider the tables for the cake, the liquors, gifts, etc and all these have to have a centerpiece for each. It’s going to be more special if you create your own centerpieces rather than depend this on your planners. Your allowance is your primary attention of course, so knowing how many guests will also tell you your spending limit.

Individual Designs or Not?

It’s okay to have the same table centerpieces for all the tables. You can always get better deals if you buy the items you need for the centerpieces in bulk. If getting flower arrangements for all the tables will be costly, you can do alternate designs for each table instead. You may also be lent vases just as long as they are clear ones to create uniformity for example. Go on the internet and choose low cost but excellent items for your made to order table table decorations for the wedding.


Mixing and matching colors is one challenging feat so gather information on what colors go together and not. If you will use one vase with flower arrangements, you may want to put together the color of the mat with the flower arrangements. In lieu of a reasonable centerpiece, couples often use appetizers as centerpieces instead like chocolates, biscuits, or candies which the guests can munch while waiting for the real party to begin. If you have a beach wedding, it will be nice to have a little aquarium on the table with a gold fish or two as a centerpiece. Others have the glamour theme where they can put cut-outs of stars out of silver and gold metallic materials for added effect


If your main color motif is green for example showcase the centerpieces with green candles and potted greens. Pay close attention to the do’s and don’t's you see from the web to avoid making the same blunders the other wedding couples had during their wedding.

Puchase materials on the internet and you can get better deals. Make it a fun activity with your partner and friends!

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