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Designer Wedding Shoes, Wedding Apparel, And Accessories In The Net

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Wedding is the best part of a person’s life. This is the time when you finally decide to be with the one you love, a promise to be together for all time. This is the time to celebrate and dress up!

Prior to all those ceremonies, exchanging of vows, and entertaining guests at the reception, both the bride and groom to be must ready themselves for that life-changing occasion. Traditionally, the groom wears a suit while the bride wears a white wedding dress or gown. In contemporary times, both groom and bride can definitely customize their wedding apparel whichever fits their taste and styles – lengths and colours now vary. For grooms, choosing something to wear on his wedding is not much of a difficult task since his wedding suit only consists of a tux, pants, and a pair of shoes. As for the bride’s wedding dress, she can purchase something that is ready to wear, or she can pay a designer to customize and design her dream wedding dress.

If the bride wishes for a custom made wedding dress, the preparation will usually take weeks or months. That includes the selection of accessories, and if she is quite particular on branded shoes, then she can opt for some designer wedding shoes. This is a very special occasion for both, so they must look their best on their big day.

The bride can check out an array of accessories that she can use – hair accessories such as tiaras, hairpins and veils; jewelleries like earrings, bracelets and necklaces, shoes, and bouquets; and a lot more. And if she wants to have her whole entourage in coordinating colours, then she can browse online for companies that offer huge selection of dyeable designer wedding shoes and accessories.

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Home-made Solution To Remove Water Spots From Bridal Shoes

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Today, your bridal entourage is practicing that all-important walk down the aisle in your garden. Since the big day is just a few days away, you are doing a full dress rehearsal. Everyone is wearing the attire that they will be donning on the wedding. You are wearing the pretty, dainty, expensive, satin bridal shoes that you just purchased online. Everyone looks marvelous and happy. You are looking forward to your perfect wedding.

Later, however, you recoil in horror. You failed to notice that the droplets of water that sparkled on the grass have transferred to your shoes. Therefore, your shoes have ugly blots and water stains! Oh, no! What are you going to do? There’s no more time to send the shoes back to the supplier to have them replaced.

Well, no need to worry because there is an easy home-made solution to clean your bridal shoes. In fact, the ingredients in making your shoes sparkling clean again are just in your kitchen!

1. First, wash the shoes thoroughly with clean, warm, soapy water. This stage alone may remove all the water spots, making the subsequent steps moot and unnecessary.

2. If the spots are still there, you need to make a simple cleaning solution. Add half a cup of regular household bleach to half a cup of water. Mix this until well blended.

3. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the spots with the solution. If your shoes are made out of delicate material, you can use a Q-tip instead of a toothbrush. If necessary, scrub or swab the entire shoe.

4. To remove the bleach solution, which could attack the shoe color if it is not washed away, blend a separate solution made of half a cup of vinegar to half a cup of water. Wipe the shoes with the solution.

5. Finally, rinse the shoes with clean water. Air-dry them for a day or two.

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Buying Wedding Shoes Online And More: A New Way Of Shopping For Weddings

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Getting engaged is one of the most unforgettable and significant moments of your life. You both decided to get married, and it’s time for both of you to plan your special day. Planning and organizing your wedding can be a stressful task that will consume most of your time. You can opt to hire a wedding planner to diminish the stress, but you still have all the decisions to make in choosing the venues for the ceremony and reception, the motif, the food, the music, and everything on your wedding list. There might be issues on expenses and other stuff, therefore, it really takes time to plan a wedding. To bypass the hassles, it is vital to plan it way ahead of time.

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the bride’s outfit. Some brides prefer buying ready-to-wear gowns and wedding shoes online. Others may be very particular about every detail on her gown, shoes, and the accessories that she’ll be wearing on that special day. Brides with very special tastes choose to have custom-made wedding shoes, gowns, and accessories. There are several things that a bride may consider in choosing her apparel; it may rest with the style, length, color, or the fit. As for the accessories, her outfit may include headpieces like tiara, veil, bag, jewelry, shoes, bouquets, and more. The accessories must complement the bride’s dress and style for that perfect look.

Having a custom wedding dress and accessories can be more costly compared to those that are purchased online or in stores. But for all its worth, if you have the money for a spectacular wedding, then indulge yourself to it. It’s your wedding day, and you have all the reason to celebrate and enjoy every moment of it.

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Buy Bridal Shoes: What To Look For

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When you buy bridal shoes, you want to have the most beautiful ones for your most special day. Here are a few important things to remember when choosing shoes that you will use when you walk down the aisle.

1. Comfort
The style of the shoes that you will buy depends on your own preference. But they must be very comfortable. Take note that on the big day, you are going to spend tedious hours of walking down the aisle, meeting people, posing for photographs, and dancing with your loved ones. Wearing uncomfortable shoes for quite some time can make your wedding day a nightmare and , worse, can even cause long-term foot injury.

2. Heels
Correct heel height is vital since your wedding dress or gown will be fitted to accommodate the height of your bridal shoes’ heels. If you are not used in wearing high-heel shoes, then go for low-heel ones. If you want to look taller but are not used to wearing high heels, just put on platform or lower kitten heels.

3. Fabric
The usual fabrics that make up most wedding shoes are silk or satin. However, do not limit yourself to these choices. If you are planning to wear a non-traditional bridal dress, then do not use traditional shoes either. There are many options out there; ask the staff in the shop or inquire through the Internet.

4. Style
The style of shoes that you are going to wear is a matter of personal preference, however it should match your gown and the wedding’s setting. For instance, if you are wearing an elegant, sexy dress and the setting reflects your romantic nature, then a matching shoe would be a lovely, lacy white stiletto with thin straps. On the other hand, if you are a funky, trendy bride in a lively, party-filled wedding, you may want to consider bridal shoes with chunky heels.

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How To Make Your Designer Bridal Shoes Sparkle

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After the wedding, your designer bridal shoes will become part of numerous keepsakes that will forever re-tell the tale of one of the most important events in your life. That is why it is a good idea to keep them spic-and-span and tidy. Cleaning your wedding shoes becomes more vital if you plan to display them for your visitors to see.

Additionally, with regular cleaning, the footwear will remain usable for years to come. Who knows, one day, your daughter will wear the shoes that you’ve worn for her own wedding!

Here are several guidelines on how keep your wedding shoes clean.

1. Take away the dirt and debris by gently scrubbing the shoes with an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Use gentle, short strokes to remove the dirt away. Follow the natural weave of the fabric to avoid damaging the shoe.

2. Once the dirt, dust, and grime has been removed, wipe the shoes with a damp rag that has been soaked in clean water. Make sure that you wring out most of the water before wiping the rag on the shoes. Then wipe the shoes using a clean, dry cloth or with a hair dryer that has been set to its coolest setting.

3. For hard-to-remove stains on white or light-colored shoes, put a small amount of mild detergent with water in a bowl. Apply this solution to the stain using an old toothbrush. Scrub by using quick, gentle, and short strokes. Scrub in this motion until the stain disappears.

For shoes that have bolder colors, use seltzer or carbonated water instead of detergent.

4. Wipe off the residue with a clean towel. Sponge out any wet spot with a dry, clean piece of cloth. Lastly, dry the wet spot with a hair dryer that has been set to its lowest setting.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes

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Putting on wedding shoes that correctly fit your feet is the answer to have a memorable walk on the aisle. Here are a few guidelines on how to fit shoes properly.

1. As years pass by, the size of your feet increases too. Thus, it is essential to have your feet measured accurately before acquiring any footwear. It is a good idea to have your feet measured regularly, around once every year.

2. A good rule of the thumb is to measure your feet at the end of the day. By this time, your feet have expanded to its maximum size. Also note that most humans have one foot slightly larger than the other. Therefore, use the bigger number when determining your shoe size.

3. Do not choose shoes through the size that is marked on its box or inside its sole. Put on the shoes to determine how it fits your foot.

4. When fitting closed-toe wedding shoes, there should be around half to a quarter of an inch between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe when you stand up.

5. The ball of your foot must fit comfortably and easily into the shoe’s widest part.

6. Your heel must fit the shoe with a minimum amount of slipping. Try walking around while wearing them; your shoes should not move up and down your heel as you walk.

7. Unless you are buying rock climbing shoes, avoid buying footwear that feels too tight. Overly tight shoes can cause blisters and , worse, can even cause long-term foot injury.

8. After putting the shoes on, walk around the store to ensure they feel right and comfortable. Walk up and down the stairs or shift your stance to ensure that the fit is a good one.

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The Importance Of Bridal Shoes Comfort

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Many brides consider the wedding gown as the most essential piece of clothing during their wedding day. Actually, in reality, it is your designer bridal shoes that could make a wedding day either a dream come true or a never-ending nightmare. When your feet hurt, it will show on your face, feelings, and movement.

These useful tips will help you get a more comfortable, more enjoyable wedding day.

1. An excellent pair of shoes has a great fit, giving you the level of comfort you need. Although a pair may be costly, the price should not encourage you to sacrifice quality. Low-quality footwear will leave you hobbling in pain during your dream day.

2. Check the material that the shoe is constructed from. Excellent shoes are made out of fine leather or fabrics. Check for labels such as “lined with leather” or “lined with silk” Footwear made of lesser quality materials are uncomfortable, painful, and can ruin your day.

3. Shoes with pointed toes have a tendency to be smaller. If you want this type of footwear, select a size that is slightly bigger than your actual foot size. You may also need to put a pad in the ball or shoe heel.

4. Since you will probably be wearing your shoes for long hours, it is a great idea to wear shoe pads to cushion the impact as you walk.

5. Strappy shoes tend to slip. To remedy this, apply a narrow adhesive shoe pad to the strap.

6. Consider buying two pairs of shoes for your wedding day. You can use high-heeled shoes during the ceremony and pictorials, and wear more comfortable low-heeled ones for dancing and walking around.

7. Purchase shoes 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding day. That’s because you still need to break them in to ensure a comfortable fit.

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How To Make Your New Bridal Shoes Comfortable

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You just got a pair of new bridal shoes that you are going to wear for your big dream wedding. Overly excited, you were not able to break them in first. So what should have been a night of grandeur, a new life, memories, and romance transformed into an evening of blisters and cramps.

Before using your brand new shoes, it is important to break them in first. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Don them around your house for one week. Wear thick cotton athletic socks when testing the shoes. The thickness of the sock will help the shoes material expand.

2. Lightly scruff the bottom of each shoe with sandpaper, or walk on slightly rough ground. This enhances the sole’s grip on the surface.

3. For leather shoes, waterproof the outside of the shoes with a waterproof coating treatment. You can get a spray-on treatment that is often used to rejuvenate the water-resisting capability of tent rainflys. After the coat tries, soak the shoes under clean water for a minute or two. Take them out of the water, wear thick socks, and walk around the house for 30 minutes. This enables the shoe to mold to your foot.

4. It is a good idea to use heel liners, which are on sale in your local drugstore or shoe store. Aside from breaking in your shoe, liners prevent your heels from chaffing.

5. For especially tight or stiff shoes, grab the heel and gently knead it back and forth. The rocking motion slightly loosens the sole. Be careful though that you do not tear the sole from the rest of the shoe.

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