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Take The Worry Out Being A Bridesmaid!

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You will probably have your work cut out for you the night before the wedding and the day of the wedding. As a bridesmaid you are going to have to look elegant but still be able to function well. You don’t want a hairstyle that is too difficult to manage but you do want to be elegant without overshadowing the bride. Sometimes the bride will have an idea of what she wants you to do with your hair. Listen to her suggestions and consider them carefully. Her ideas may be wonderful, but may not be right for you.

When to Have Your Hair Styled

Usually you will want to consider having your hair styled the night before the wedding or the day of the wedding. If you choose to have it styled the night before you can make changes if you are having a bad hair day. Unfortunately everyone has them. Bad hair days when you have some time to make adjustments makes sense. If you wait until the day of the wedding and have a bad hair day you are likely to feel self-conscious all day. This is something to avoid. You are dressed beautifully and are going to be enjoying your friend’s wedding. Leave yourself time to do a nice job on your hair.

Sometimes the bride may want you to help her do up her hair. Leave plenty of time for your needs and hers. It is part of your job to help her throughout the day. You will be there to assist and to support her.

Don’t Outshine the Bride

As much as you want to look the best you possibly can, it is important to not look better than the bride. It is her day not yours. She should be the one that gets all the eyes and attention. Make your hair look elegant but don’t overdo it. You will have plenty of hairstyles to choose from that will make you look great but don’t take the attention away from the bride.


Hair accessories are a must regardless of the type of hair style you go with. Sometimes the bride will have a floral arrangement prepared for every bridesmaid to wear in her hair. These are great for tying you to the other bridesmaids and to the bride. Choose to wear a barrette that other bridesmaids are wearing. Even the same color of ribbon will add a beautiful touch to your hair and tie you to the rest of the wedding party.

Enjoy Yourself

Make sure to choose a hairstyle that doesn’t have a lot of upkeep. If you are spending the day touching up your hair you won’t be able to enjoy yourself or help out when needed. Remember to use hairspray to hold your style for you. This will probably need to be used throughout the day. Use a light hairspray that doesn’t weigh down your hair. Spend the day looking out for the bride and groom instead of working on your hair. Never go with a new outlandish change. If you have long hair don’t change to short. You may not like it but will still have to wear it for the day in front of all those people.

The good friend that you are, you are probably busy helping to plan a perfect wedding day for your friend, just make sure not to forget about your own hair, clothes, shoes and jewelry!. Even though they are an essential part of a bridesmaids look and can easily make or break a look, often times in the rush to get everything else right, wedding hairstyles are not thought about enough. Don’t put off getting this essential detail right.

Make sure the other bridesmaids are clear on the theme of the wedding (if there is one). It is the biggest day of your friends life so don’t be afraid to take a little control to make it a special day for her.

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