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The Importance Of Bridal Shoes Comfort

Posted October 23, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Many brides consider the wedding gown as the most essential piece of clothing during their wedding day. Actually, in reality, it is your designer bridal shoes that could make a wedding day either a dream come true or a never-ending nightmare. When your feet hurt, it will show on your face, feelings, and movement.

These useful tips will help you get a more comfortable, more enjoyable wedding day.

1. An excellent pair of shoes has a great fit, giving you the level of comfort you need. Although a pair may be costly, the price should not encourage you to sacrifice quality. Low-quality footwear will leave you hobbling in pain during your dream day.

2. Check the material that the shoe is constructed from. Excellent shoes are made out of fine leather or fabrics. Check for labels such as “lined with leather” or “lined with silk” Footwear made of lesser quality materials are uncomfortable, painful, and can ruin your day.

3. Shoes with pointed toes have a tendency to be smaller. If you want this type of footwear, select a size that is slightly bigger than your actual foot size. You may also need to put a pad in the ball or shoe heel.

4. Since you will probably be wearing your shoes for long hours, it is a great idea to wear shoe pads to cushion the impact as you walk.

5. Strappy shoes tend to slip. To remedy this, apply a narrow adhesive shoe pad to the strap.

6. Consider buying two pairs of shoes for your wedding day. You can use high-heeled shoes during the ceremony and pictorials, and wear more comfortable low-heeled ones for dancing and walking around.

7. Purchase shoes 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding day. That’s because you still need to break them in to ensure a comfortable fit.

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