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The Meaningful Story About Anniversary Rings

Posted May 13, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

In modern culture, it is not uncommon to see women who wear not only a wedding ring or engagement ring on their finger, but also an anniversary ring or eternity ring. Anniversary rings are given by husbands to their wives to commemorate a special date, which may vary between couples.

What is an anniversary ring?

Where a ring is given to mark some special occasion in someone’s life, it may be called an Anniversary Ring. These rings usually conform to one of a few select styles that are typically used for this purpose. Some choose styles that incorporate three stones across the top of the ring. A popular choice is to have a basic band that corresponds in style to the wedding ring and engagement ring, with a series of diamonds or or other precious stones decorating the top. Others go for the slightly more expensive eternity ring, which is has gems all the way around.

Couples have the freedom to choose whether they would like diamonds, or another kind of gem set into the ring. Many choose diamonds to correspond to their engagement or wedding ring. Others prefer to use birthstones that relate to treasured memories, such as the month in which they tied the knot, or birthdays of the couple or their children.

When are they usually given?

Anniversary rings can be given at any time, and for a variety of reasons. Because multi-stone rings are quite expensive, it is normal to save these rings for more significant anniversaries, such as tenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth. However, a couple may choose to celebrate any milestone in the marriage. This not just limited to their wedding anniversary: some couples opt to celebrate their engagement date, a significant time in their marriage, or the birth of a child with an anniversary ring.

How to wear an anniversary ring:

How the ring is worn will vary according to individual taste and preference. Many women will wear their anniversary rings alongside their wedding set, on the fourth finger of her left hand. If an anniversary ring is particularly elaborate, however, it may be worn on the right hand to balance out the left. If the original wedding set is getting old and worn, or if it is to be preserved as a family heirloom, then a woman may choose to replace the wedding set altogether.

Caring for your anniversary ring:

There are a few things you can do to keep your ring presentable. Make sure you don’t accumulate nicks and scratches on the ring by taking it off to do housework, or when doing any harsh activities. Always put it in a safe place where it won’t get scratched by other pieces of jewelry. Clean it periodically with a non-abrasive cloth and some gentle detergent.

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