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The Wedding Ring

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A wedding ring is given as a sign of commitment, fidelity, honour and love between two people and the ring itself is a symbol of eternity as it has no beginning and no end.

The wedding ring that the couple decide upon or indeed rings if they are both choosing to wear a ring can be purchased from any jewelry shop where there is usually a huge choice on display or they may prefer to have the ring made to their own design. Normally they are made out of gold from which there are three colours to choose from, these being yellow, rose, or white .Whichever colour gold is chosen there different carats to pick ranging from 9 carat through to 24 carat and the lower the carot of the gold the harder the gold is which is something for the couple to take into consideration when buying their wedding ring.


There are other metals that the couple may want to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing a ring. Some people opt for titanium but the only problem with this metal is that after only probably one year of use the wedding ring won’t sustain its shine.


A ring made out of tungsten is another option but it is important that if the couple goes for this choice that they make sure that it contains the chemical carbide as this will ensure that the wedding ring remains shiny and scratch resistant. The one draw back with tungsten is that some people are allergic to the cobalt in the metal which means that they would not be able to have it next to their skin in the form of a ring.


Platinum is a popular metal as it is heavier than gold and a good option for people who prefer white gold as it is white in colour but doesn’t tarnish or scratch and therefore doesn’t need to be regularly plated in rhodium to keep it shiny and white as rings made from white gold need to be. Giving the ring a polish with a cloth will bring it up looking like new! Because of this feature and because it is rarer than white gold platinum is more expensive


Whatever design or metal the couple decides upon for their wedding ring or rings it is important to make sure that their fingers are measured properly by the jeweler to ensure a correct and comfortable fit for their wedding rings.


Another popular metal among newly weds is platinum. This is color white and is heavier than gold. One advantage is that it does not have to be rhodium plated to keep it shining unlike gold.

Getting a piece of cloth will make it look good as new as though it came from the production line.

People should know that among all the metals used for wedding rings, platinum is the most expensive. The designs are also very limited so couples will have to choose between plain or studded with stones.

Those who are having a hard time in choosing which wedding ring to get can look at what is available in the jewelry store. The person can also check online if the samples being offered are not that good or look in magazines since manufacturers usually advertise it here.

To make sure that the wedding ring fits perfectly into the hands of the future husband and wife, the couple’s third or fourth finger on the left hand must be measured by the sales clerk.


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