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Throw Your Newly-Fashioned Graduate a Celebration to Remember With Topical Graduation Party Invitations!

Posted June 8, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Suddenly, the time has come to express your special feelings for someone who is about to graduate! Planning a graduation party is no easy task, but this short article will help you with a few details ranging from picking the right graduation party invitations to choosing the right theme.

You can’t get off square 1 of the planning stage without gaining a solid estimate of how many people will be there. Since the most important person to attend would be the graduate, about how many guests does he wish to invite? All future considerations for the party will hinge around the answer to this question.

Things to ponder

  • Work with graduate to establish a theme
  • Determine the number of guests to be invited
  • Arrange for catering, if needed

Early in the planning process, the selection of a theme will provide a sense of continuity to the overall project. As far as theme’s go, the most important thing is that the graduate maintains control of its selection. One popular way of establishing a theme is to reflect who the graduate is, possibly exhorting their personal interests or hobbies. Brainstorm the type of movies they like, the sports they like, and their favorite hobbies as a starting point. Other theme possibilities might include his field of study while in school or planned destinations where his new vocation could take him.

When you know the graduation party theme, you will be able to really hone in on details, and many things naturally will fall into place. The theme often dictates the type of food for the party. If foreign travel is their thing, your theme could reflect important cities around the world such as Rome, Paris, London, or Buenos Aires. You could set up decorations and provide food from each place along with pictures and posters from the city.

If you’ve followed this graduation party game plan and know the approximate number of guests to arrive, you will have an idea how many family and friends to recruit to take some of the planning and execution burden off your shoulders.

With all of this in place, you’ll want to send themed graduation party invitations to your list of guests so they will both know the theme and get in the spirit of that theme. If the planning and execution go according to plan, everyone will endorse the theme upon their arrival, and pleasant memories will abound long after the graduation party has disbanded.

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