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Tips on How to Cut Back On Your Wedding Day without Compromising Quality

Posted September 26, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Even though getting married is undoubtedly extremely expensive, it’s still possible to spend less money in primary places without sacrificing the all round level of quality of your special day.

On the other hand, get it wrong and your wedding day can be ruined  as you attempted to cut corners in the wrong places, and it will be surprisingly noticeable for all your guests to see.

By way of example, under no circumstances should you try to comprise on the aspects that matter the most for you. Maybe it’s your ideal wedding dress that you have had your eye-on for numerous months, your wedding location, or perhaps the live band at your wedding party. The point is, there are going to be other elements to your wedding that may not be as imperative to you, and this is where you can save a lot of cash.

Below are 3 strategies to save hundreds of dollars on your wedding ceremony and party without sacrificing on a single thing; not possible right?  We’ll find out:

1. Shop as much as you can on the web.

It is possible to purchase pretty much anything for your big day by means of the Internet, and as competition is very high you will be able find incredible deals online. As an example, you can actually find wonderful bridesmaid dresses under 100 simply by typing the term into Google.  Simply call at your nearest bridal store and jot down the names of all the bridesmiad gowns that you love the design of, and then basically buy the bridesmaid dresses from an internet dealer instead.   Adopting this technique makes certain that you will be purchasing the dresses that you genuinely love, whilst saving hundreds of dollars in the process.

Failing purchase unique items such as pale yellow bridesmaid dresses via the internet, will likely mean you will end up having to pay a lot more money for precisely the same thing from just about any high street store.

2. How about creating your own personal themed wedding invitations?

Just about as important as saving money on your wedding by purchasing key aspects on the internet is, to make some time available and do lots of things yourself. One region whereby this can be achieved is with your Themed wedding invitations.  Getting married is not surprisingly very costly and wedding stationary could cost a lot of money.   So, why don’t you give it a go yourdself? When my husband and I got married we employed an artist to draw a caricature of us both standing outside the cathedral, and along with his agreement we were able to scan the sketch and print out our own one-of-a-kind wedding invitations, these were an immediate hit with all of our family and friends and are still remarked about to this very day.

3. What about economizing on your wedding favors?

As a final point, when getting Wed and looking to save money, it is possible to really cut back on your wedding favors. A terrific way to achieve this is by purchasing your friends and family lottery tickets, that as everyone knows happen to be an economical method of supplying your guests with  a creative gift idea, yet, simultaneously provide a sense of anticipation later on it the evening.  Presuming your special day is on a Saturday, just request your DJ to read out the winning lottery numbers and observe the excitement on your family and friends faces. Who knows, your small wedding favor might make one of your guest very rich. Remember to ensure you arrange to get half of any profits in advance…

Determined by the amount of wedding guests, the price will probably be between $100-200.  This is a cheap means of conserving money on your wedding and your wedding guest will really like the originality of it.  Naturally, you could simply go and buy the usual wedding favor presents from a specialized wedding store as an alternative, and if you do, I would wager you will need to pay double the amount on something your friends and family wouldn’t enjoy half as much.

As I said from the outset, in terms of marriage, it’s usually expensive, but it does not have to be and you certainly do not have to compromise any aspect of your wedding day to achieve this.

Simply just spend your wedding budget on the essential aspects of which matter the most for you, and discover ways of saving cash on areas which are a lot less fundamental, just like the tips above.

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