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Vintage Tea Party: Simple

Posted June 11, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

A vintage tea party is a party option that can turn a commonplace celebration  into a memorable event that the guests can thoroughly enjoy and the recipient of the party  can cherish for years. Whether the event is to celebrate approaching nuptials and the bride’s move into a new life or to celebrate the birth of a new kid? this is an idea that can benefit the family and provide great enjoyment for the guests? After all, how many women do not enjoy the romance of a formal tea? Its ties to a romantic past just makes the event that much more romantic. 

What makes this idea even better is that it is so easy and especially meets the needs of honored guests for that really do not need a lot of gifts that they will have to find something to do with. After all, a mother giving birth to her third child, for instance, has much less need of supplies than a first time mother.

 Make this party fashion work by starting with the invitation. Send them out a little early and announce that the celebration will be a tea and ask that each guest bring a classic styled tea cup or cup and saucer to be used at the party then presented to the guest of honor (after they are washed). teach the guests to find the tea cups in thrift stores, estate sales, or even their own cupboards. Then, as the tea is winding down, bring out a large bowl of steaming hot water and hold a special purifying, presentation ceremony that will simply add to the memories that are naturally imbedded in each cup after the tea.

By nature, the hostess should have several vintage tea cups on hand in the event one of the guests forgets to bring their cup. Likewise, someone should be designated to contribute a teapot as well as cream and sugar bowls. This way, at the end of the party the honored guest can be presented with a classic, albeit mismatched, tea set where every cup, bowl, pot, and saucer has its own special memories. 

Fortunately, a vintage tea party option makes party favors easy. Tea Favors are a natural option as are most bridal shower favors from any store where you can buy wedding favors and accessories store since in most cases vintage tea parties will appeal to the female customers.

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