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Ways To Avoid Cold Feet

Posted June 24, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

If you’ve been used to a single life and are now facing a life together with a person whom you call your lifetime partner, then you’re likely to experience wedding jitters. For a number of couples this is very ordinary and there’s actually nothing to be worried about. Just relax and let it be. These jitters are a common part of the life of anyone who knows what she is getting into when they get married. The feeling might be a bit unsettling, you feel scared and excited at the same time – but it will bring out the best in you so it is more of a positive change. When you have wedding jitters, that means you are totally aware of what you are getting into, and the fact that you are getting into it is a sign that you are actually ready for the commitment that marriage requires.

Either way, you need to work with these jitters until they vanish. This is why you should try every possible means to eliminate this feeling. Of course, it’s all part of the game, but it doesn’t mean that you have to endure it let it get the better of you. If you really want to get rid of those jitters, what you need to do is relax. Relax your mind and forget that you are about to be married. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to avoid the whole wedding preparation. This means that you just need to spend more time with yourself, enjoy life and relax, you don’t need to stress out yourself too much. Spend some time with your college buddies, go for a drink or watch a movie, think of it as an extended “stag party”. You’ll be surprised by how fast you can get rid of those cold feet just by doing really simple activities to take your mind off the wedding.

Another thing you can do is to focus on the technical aspect of the upcoming wedding – the preparations. Focusing on the technical side of the event might be helpful in getting rid of that crazy feeling. Be a part of the wedding preparation, be really involved in everything. Instead of letting the wedding planner do all the decision making go out there and help in choosing the wedding bouquets for decoration or the reception location. Search for different wedding venues yourself instead of letting the wedding planner do all the work. If ever you decide to hold the big event in a church why don’t you make an effort in finding one yourself. Get involved and get busy. Learn to look at the wedding as an affair that you simply have to arrange. Of course, you should be aware of the real meaning behind getting married to another person, but for the purpose of relieving those pre-wedding jitters, being technical about this day will help you ease that anxiety.

And think about it this way, you are going to marry the most beautiful woman (or most handsome man) you have ever laid your eyes upon, that is a good thing – so why should you be nervous? In fact, it should make you feel fired up because now, this love you have for this person will be officially sanctioned by God and society. It’s not something that should make you anxious. Actually, it’s something that you should look forward to with lots of excitement.

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