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Wedding Decoration Rentals Could Save You Valuable Time And Money When Planning For Your Special Day!

Posted July 29, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding involves reception decorations, from making your dream wedding into reality whilst staying on budget, to identifying who can decorate the reception hall while the wedding party is getting prepared and made up. One approach to eliminate several of these kinds of concerns is to rent your decorations from a business which specializes in making special celebrations gorgeous. Wedding decoration rentals could take a great deal of stress out of your special day, and we all prefer to be peaceful and happy on our wedding day day!

While my husband and I were in the middle of planning our wedding the caterer for our hall advised that we rent all of our decorations. At first we were somewhat uncertain, simply because we all know that if you would like anything done correctly you do it yourself. We’d been told fantastic things relating to the caterer however, so we decided to visit the rental company to find out just what they had to provide. We were able to view the decorations already set up within their warehouse, and had been pleasantly impressed with how attractive and stylish they were. We were still more pleasantly surprised to learn that all set up and also clean up had been incorporated into the modest rental expense.

That meant that not only did we not need to design and purchase decorations, but we wouldn’t need to do anything at all during our wedding day or the busy day before relating to the reception decor except for to provide the centerpieces. The rental company delivered a backdrop for behind the head table, an archway for the doorway, a lovely bird cage for cards and little gifts, and a few other items which transformed the hall from a boring conference room into a stunning and charming getaway!

Prior to bookiing wedding decoration rentals, be certain you obtain testimonials for the business that you are thinking about making use of, and verify specifically what is included in the rental charge. Just who would be preparing the decorations, and also are there any obscured extra fees? At the same time make sure you look at the decorations beforehand so you do not get any negative surprises when you enter your reception hall. The event coordinator at halls can frequently present information about who to contact, and occasionally a hall will work exclusively with one specific rental business. If it isn’t brought up at the time you reserve your hall, ask if they are able to make any referrals.

From our experience, it was undoubtedly a treat not to need to rush to the hall on the morning of our wedding day to set up decorations with other people that would prefer to be sleeping in! We were able to have a very good night of sleep and then rest during the morning while we weren’t rushed getting dressed for our wonderful day. It was also great to have all of our wedding decorating decisions finished in just an hour a number of months ahead of the wedding day and not need to be concerned about them again.

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