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Wedding Fashion – Things You Ought To Know When Dressing Your Flower Girl

Posted June 16, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

It is every woman’s fantasy to have the perfect wedding. Your wedding dress, the wedding cake and the wedding reception should be well taken care of. The guest list should be finalized and the formal invitations and RSVP are prepared weeks before the special day. What’s next? Why not take care of one of the most unstable part in your wedding? Hopefully not the groom, but the flower girls. There are wedding celebrations which entail one or two flower girls. As long as the child can walk the aisle and throw flowers, she can be a flower girl. Toddlers and school age children can throw tantrums whenever they feel uncomfortable.

So, let us take a look at the factors you need to consider in order to dress your flower girl or girls in a manner where they will be cozy and cute.

This is an important consideration. For sure, you do not want the kids’ dresses to look overdecorated with laces and ribbons. Kids have short attention span and making them wear gowns that are discomforted after 10 minutes will not help. To avoid itching, ensure that you choose a cozy material. In addition, pick a fabric that is wrinkle free as children are fond of moving around and slumping wherever.
TIPS: Go for cotton fabric with organza lace. Cottons are breathable and a lace will make the dress stand out.

The dress of flower girls should match the entire entourage. But with the flower girl dresses, it should be given some consideration. If it’s a summer season, a spaghetti-strapped dress would make a lot of difference to young girls. The type of shoes and stockings also need some looking into so that the little ladies will still look elegant but cozy.

TIPS: During winter season, it would be great if the girls will match a long-sleeved bolero with their beautiful gowns. This way, they stay warm without losing the fashion. Summer weather could be fiddly though. Spaghetti-strapped dresses with a short sleeved bolero could also work. The flower girls can easily remove the bolero whenever they feel hot and uncomfortable.

Little girls take pride in what they wear. They want to look like someone from a fairy story or like the little bride. Be certain that the style and overall design of the flower girls gown are as close to the bride’s gown as possible . They don’t have to be luxurious because there are a lot of wedding boutiques that sell flower girls gowns in very affordable prices. Check online boutiques for reasonably priced gowns that are stylish and cozy as well.

Shoes are also part of the overall look that are sometimes overlooked. You have to think that your flower girls will be on their feet most of the time and cozy shoes and nice stockings really count a lot. Go for shoes that have cushion at the back of the ankle. These cushions will avoid the girls from having calloused feet. Furthermore, choose a thin stocking for summer season and thick stockings for cold season.

It all boils down to comfort. To avoid crying and wailing kids at your wedding, be sure to pick cozy wear for your flower girls. Aside from keeping them busy with their roles during the wedding, their shoes and dresses would really play an important role in keeping them happy. The last thing you need is some girls throwing tantrums on your wedding day because their dresses are too heavy or too scratchy.

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