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Wedding Gifts That Are Not So Common

Posted November 27, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Weddings are mosre than just your ordinary ceremony. This is a celebration of love for the couple who vows eternal fidelity to his or her partner before God and their families. The family and friends of the couple are present to celebrate with them.

Apart from their presence, guests also give presents to a wedded couple. These presents are going to be a symbol of the guests’ well-wishes as the couple starts taking their journey to marital bliss. If you’re attending a wedding soon but are unsure what to give for a gift, the following should give some very good ideas:

1. Gift cheque- This is not commonly given to couples on weddings but giving this type of gift could be well-appreciated. A gift cheque gives the couple the option of choosing the items that will be most useful to them.

2. Home Appliances- You don’t have to give them a set of entertainment showcase. Though a LED TV may be a dream come true to most of us. But just give them something affordable that you know that they will need . Perhaps a toaster or a washing machine or anything practical.

3. Alarm clock- You may not have though about this but this is actually very useful not only to newly married couples but to all of us. The couple can bring this item in their honeymoon.

4. Set of plates- You can buy plates or you can perhaps put in a few saucers or cups. Make sure to pick out a set of kitchen utensils that have neutral colors or design so these won’t contradict to the overall design of their kitchen.

5. Wedding picture- Pick out the most unique picture of the couple during the wedding ceremony and have it framed in an elegant way. This will truly be appreciated.

6. Personalized wine bottle- Get the best wine in your place and customize it. You can do it yourself or you can have it customized in a shop. You can add the name of the couple in the label and add a picture of them and put a small note that you personally wrote for them.

The key is to remember when giving a wedded couple a gift is to think about what’s going to be valuable or practical for the couple. These are the gifts that are most appreciated.

The best wedding gift does not have to cost you millions of dollars. It’s probably creativity that makes a gift more memorable for those who receive it. For a wedded couple, think about creative wedding gift ideas and decide which one will be best for the lucky man and his wife. And make sure it’s something they won’t forget.

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